YouTube Music: how to download music offline

If you have run out of internet and want to continue listening to music, we will guide you through the settings of the YouTube Music application. So you can download audio and video, so you can listen to music without an internet connection.

Before we start with the guide, you must be clear that in order to download YouTube content and be able to listen and watch it offline, you will need a Premium YouTube Music account. Without a premium account, this particular feature will be disabled.

Therefore, if you do not have this type of account, do not bother trying the steps of these recommendations. You will not be able to do it and the option that allows it will not even come out.

Steps to listen to music and watch videos using YouTube Music

With YouTube Music open, tap your user icon located in the upper right corner of the application.

Then, select the "Settings" section of the listening options.

Now, select where it says: Downloads and storage. Here are a couple of things that you will want to customize. The first is: do you want to download only the audio to listen offline or the audio and video? Select video quality.

Select Audio if all you want to download is audio, or one of the two video options that appear there, if you want audio and video.

This time, select the Audio Quality menu item and choose Low, Normal or High according to your preferences. Remember that the higher the quality, the more storage space will be needed to save the downloaded files.

Now comes the fun part! Search for a song on YouTube Music that you want to download and select it. While the track is playing, touch the 3-point button to the right of the song title.

Now, you must select “Download” in the list of options.

The bar at the bottom of the application will show the status of any download.

To locate and play any of your downloaded files, select "Library" at the bottom of the YouTube Music application. And then you select "Downloads" in that same list of options.

In the "Your downloads" section, click on the item called Downloaded songs.
Finally, here is the list of all your downloaded songs.

Listen to your favorite songs in the easiest way

And as you can see, with these very simple steps you can listen to your favorite music from the YouTube Music app. You just have to do what we just gave you up lines and that's it. You can also choose the videos you like most so that your distraction is complete and more lively. It's time to play your favorite music!