How to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number And Recovery Email

It can be a Gmail email, or any service related to one, if you want to recover a lost Google account, we tell you how to do it below. To get started, Google has an account recovery page. In that place we must begin with our process as soon as possible. Can you check it here

How does it work?

Let’s think you want to recover a particular Google account. At least you should Remember the associated Gmail, or failing the mobile number.

By entering it, Google will confirm that, in effect, there is an account associated with the data you entered. In that case it will suggest you send a verification code to recover the account.

The situation could be complicated if you do not have access to the mobile number, or to the mail (which could start your problem in many cases), to enter it in the recovery box.

What happens if I don’t have any of the above?

In that case you can request Google in “Try another method”. In that case I suggest you access that option and you can use the latest opportunities to recover the account.

Either registering the last number you protected him with, even if you no longer have access (if you remember it); the last password that you remember the associated mail (if you remember it); and even the security questions associated with data such as month and year that you created the account.

How to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number And Recovery Email

Unfortunately, but also for security, if you are unable to remember even the security questions you chose when opening the account, it will be impossible for you to log in again.

How to recover a Gmail account if I don’t have a phone number

When it comes to recovering your Gmail account,there are usually several tools or options through which you can take back possession of it.

Usually, the most viable option is through a phone number that you have affiliated with it,but there is always the possibility that you will not be able to access that number or that you have not affiliated one for some reason. That is why there are always two options: an easy one and a difficult one.

The difficult one is to fill out a lot of forms where you are asked a series of questions. Among them is the question “On what date did you create your Gmail account? “and this can become quite difficult to answer as not everyone remembers the date of this event.

But this is why when we create a Gmail account we are asked to link an email account in case of emergencies like this.

The latter is the easiest option. All you have to do is hit the option of “Forgot your email?” Next, you will have to enter the recovery email. Once you do this, a confirmation email will be sent to the recovery email. Enter it, and click on the link  you will see on the screen,and then follow the instructions.

It is recommended that you change the  password of the email to a slightly more difficult one shortly after recovering your account in order to maintain the security of your account. It is also recommended that you link a phone number for the recovery of the same or that you activate the two-step verification.

Ways to recover a Gmail account

In these times it is very common for people to forget the password of their emails for some specificreason, most cases is why at the time of writing it we do not write it down or we are not pending and over time it becomes necessary but it turns out that or it is not,  or you forget, or anything happens that can put us at risk not being able to access our personal information such as the Gmail account, but do not worry, you can recover the account and then we will teach you how:

Access from your Android

There are several options to recover our Gmail account on Android, the first thing you should do is go to Google and open the login address:  then you must click on Do you need  help ?, this option will notify you what you should add the  last key you remember having put in order to recover your Gmail account and that’s it.

With the security code on the cell phone

To recover the Gmail account with a code, we just have to go to ( Gmail  ) and add our email, then we will click on ( Next ) and then on ( More ways to access ), click on ( forget my password ), then Google will send a verification code toyour mobile.

Confirm recovery email

Maybe after trying to recover your Gmail account,Google asks you for a recovery email confirmation, this is done for two things, the first is to confirm the email as the word says, and the other reason is to help you again on another occasion in case this happens again  (which  is completely normal).

Answer security questions

Our Gmail account is so secure that it asksus securityquestions, this happens in case someone else tries to snoop between  our things or as we know, it also works to recover our account in the future by ourselves.

Fill out the recovery form

The recovery forms is quite important since it is here where they will ask you for everything mentioned above, email, remembered passwords, ways to want to recover the account etc., it is very important to fill it with the correct information, it will not be that we about a number or letter of  more.

What if neither of these two options is viable for me?

If you do not have the option to make any of these options that we have pointed out above, there is not much more to do. Even the experts or staff at Google will tell  you  that there’s nothing more to do than create a new account. And if you believe it, it is better that you change all the accounts affiliated with the old email to the new one, in such a way that you do not lose important data or be a victim of blackmail or data hijacking.

How to recover my account if I forget all my data?

In case of not remembering the phone that we have registered in the Gmail account that we have forgotten, there is also the possibility of recovering the account with an alternative email that was put when we created the account for the first time, in case of not having any data apart from this, it is not so viable the possibility of recovering your  old account,  so the  most advisable thing would be to get a new account.