Advantages of Email Marketing and Sms Marketing

If you have a company or want to start your own business you should know that the email marketing and SMS marketing are some of the best strategies you can apply in this 2019. So you can grow and evolve in a sustained way over time. In addition, something really important is that you can reach your customers in the right way.

Both methods allow you to increase your community of customers and followers, something really essential today. Remember that it is not only about selling what you offer but knowing how to promote the product so you can connect with consumers, let them know your brand.

What is email marketing?

It is a vital channel for you to reach your potential customers or followers through commercial communications. It is an extremely effective strategy so that you can have more potential clients, in addition, the return rate of your investment is quite high due to the effectiveness of email marketing.

Something super important is that it is a really economical, customizable method, it will adapt to what your company demands and you will not have to invest a large amount of money. Simply put, it is a smart investment.

What are the real benefits of email marketing?

There are many advantages that this method can offer you in full 2019, the most prominent are:

  1. Reduced amounts: it is a very economic strategy. The sending of advertisements through emails has low costs and is effective. So your customers can always be aware of each of the news, promotions or what you want to make known.
  2. Very effective: when you send promotions or information to consumers who are interested in your service you always get a good rate of return on what you have invested. Even if combined with other strategies, you will be much better.
  3. Know every detail: email marketing lets you know how your advertising campaign is going. You will be able to know the statistics of your strategy and you will have the possibility of implementing modifications to improve your effectiveness rate.
  4. The limits are set by you: you can establish different methods to make your campaign work and adapt perfectly to what you have in mind. You can create several types of campaigns without any problem.

SMS marketing, why is it so important in this 2019?

If you want to promote your company in bulk, the sms marketing It is the ally you need. This is how you can send campaigns to each of your subscribers. In this way they will always be aware of each of the details of your brand, what you are offering and what is to come. The consumer will perfectly blend in with what you offer.SMS marketing

Best of all, SMS marketing adapts to what you want. For example, you can create various types of campaigns to promote multiple things, you don’t have to focus on a single goal but it will make you stronger with the diversification of your advertising campaign. This type of strategy allows you to prepare order statuses, communicate offers, special dates, reminders and more.

The advantages of SMS marketing today

It is a highly effective strategy that achieves a large number of potential consumers. Among its main strengths, the following stand out:

  1. Direct communication: SMS allows you to reach the mobile phones of your customer community. They will receive a direct message that has a high probability of being read, understood and used by the consumer. A super helpful strategy when it comes to special promotions or outstanding dates.
  2. Really effective: because it is a channel that allows you to reach your customers more privately, you can enter into direct communication with them. This is how they will relate to your brand and everything you offer.
  3. A risk-free strategy: SMS marketing has a low cost within the market so you won’t have to invest a large sum of money in it. It is a very competitive service that guarantees that you are really going to reach your entire community of potential consumers, something vital today.
  4. You can use a landing page editor: You can easily create landing pages. This way you can design and publish destination pages to which your subscribers can derive from the SMS campaign.

It’s time to join the new marketing strategies

Email marketing and SMS marketing give you the possibility of having a much more profitable company or business because you will connect correctly with each of your potential clients. So you can publicize your brand, what you offer and the philosophy of the product. You will create loyal consumers who will appreciate what you do. In this 2019 both strategies are an excellent choice to invest your money and tear down the client-company (product) borders.

Tips for improving SMS marketing strategies

The opportunity with this type of marketing is unbeatable as data such as Instasent’s indicate that 91 percent of mobile phone users are watching out 24 hours a day. However, to get the most out of sent messages, some recommendations should be followed:

1. Motivates

As with email databases, creating a phone database is a complicated task. It is therefore necessary to motivate the consumer through incentives such as coupons or other reward in exchange for their data.

2. Customize

Customers are important to every brand and have their loyalty or fundamental appreciation for the continued success of a business. This is why for working with text messages you should consider giving a special touch so that each client or member of a database feels valued through customization, a basic example can be the inclusion of their name in the messages.

3. It encourages communication

Being proactive is very important, but having the direct interest of people can be better, so this tip is to invite the members of a database to contact the brand or the business to know the information about offers, products, loyalty programs, etc.

4. Improves the experience

The user experience or UX is one of the most important elements today, and for texting it should also be considered, especially when the SMS contains a link that leads elsewhere. It is advisable to make sure that the offers or promotions sent are easy to save or retrieve afterwards.

5. Consider schedules

Unlike other types of campaigns that receivers can see later, mobile phone messages typically emit an alert accompanied by sound and generate more immediate attention that can be annoying when arriving in a inadequate timing.

The commitment to mobile focused marketing is good for everything that comes forward, but for now, local text data shows that within the spectrum of mobile marketing, the use of sms has better response rates, so it’s a great option for consider and perfect.