Your connection is not powerful enough to do direct on Instagram

Instagram has updated the app with a very interesting and exciting development, it now allows you to do direct from Instagram (which is known as Live Streaming). The direct of Instagram are part of the stories and we have already explained how to do, the problem is that on some occasions, although you have the ability to make them, your connection has not left you.

The message is very clear: “Your connection is not powerful enough” to make direct in Instagram, and that means that the access point to which you are connected, or your connection data, you do not have sufficient upload speed for to make a direct conditions. The direct Instagram not saved for later viewing and that means that it only transmits in real time so that the connection should be pretty good.


When do you get this message?

The message out that your connection is insufficient, but may, in some cases, yes it is, the problem is when I passed one of the following:

  • you Have finished the bonus data and the os has decreased the speed (will be impossible).
  • you Are in a low signal area but normally I allow it.
  • you Are connected to a ADSL low speed, with a ADSL 3 MB this does not work, not try.

After Checking the connection, Instagram Direct will tell you if it is suitable or not to make direct and in the case that it is suitable, we will begin to transmit, it will send a notification to your followers and will be able to see it at the moment, once you go through the Live Streaming will be over, no one can see it, and there will be no trace of him. The moment Instagram Direct works as well.

direct Instagram not saved, they are deleted after being issued

Remember, direct in Instagram is not saved, therefore, if you want to stay in the story, it is best not to do it live. That is will erase at the time and will not leave any traces on your mobile so it will be that, fruit of the moment, instant.

you Already know, if the message comes out the problem is your connection, make sure not to have spent the data or be in an area with low coverage, because usually the speed standard 3G and 4G supported direct Instagram without problems.