You know Genius, the new brawler’s mythical Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has made their first update of the year and with it several important changes. Changes in the maps, new skins for the brawlers, animations, names, and even skills you’re going to be able to appreciate. But what is more important is the appearance of Genius, the new brawler’s mythical Brawl Stars.

Although there are many things, enjoy this small summary with the most important information of the game.

you Know Genius, the brawler defensive

Genio el nuevo Brawler

Thus what has been described Brawl Stars in the same game: “Genius is a brawler very versatile that you can defend yourself at any distance“. Therefore, it is expected to be a character very useful for maps as a robbery in which you must protect to death your safety deposit box.

have Also unveiled his super attack: “Genius launches a magic hand from his lamp by dragging the enemy to your position“. Just imagine combining that super attack with brawlers like Bull, Shelly Rich, it would be almost a victory assured.

Although there are still no videos as interactuá Genius, the game confirms that this new character will be out “very shortly”. From Androidphoria we believe that Genius will be available for the second week of February.

New aspects and Redesigns

  • Brock (Look for the Event Lunar).
  • Darryl (Look for the Event Lunar).
  • Colt Imperial Guard.
  • Bull Athlete.
  • Little Romantic.
  • Rico Popcorn Maker.
  • Spike Again (This is a redesign of the previous Spike Pink).


Ball Brawl

  • Now the brawlers are revived inside the court.
  • Kick the ball without super consume munición.


  • The poison will not cause damage immediately when it appears or is expande.


  • Lto life total safe increased from 30,000 to 36.000.

A change that you have to take in account to survive

  • The green shrubs will no longer grow again after 35 seconds.

Up here the most important changes of this update of Brawl Stars. If you want to see it for yourself, you can watch the following video from the official YouTube channel of Brawl Stars:

The event of Megabrawl will be available again within a few days, so we’ll leave you with a guide on how to win at the event Megabrawl Brawl Stars.