Xiaomi Mi6 Mix: The mobile future without a frame of Xiaomi

first of all, we already informed you that this is not a leak, it is a rumor. The Xiaomi Mi6 Mix could never be a reality but since then that the concept of a mobile without bezels of Xiaomi we are very interested in.

Xiaomi has presented a few weeks ago, the Xiaomi Mi Mix, and this phone has had such acceptance that people have been very impressed with this smartphone. It seems that now all brands want to have a smartphone without bezels but Xiaomi could go a step further and launch a mobile phone without any front bezel, a mobile phone would be all screen.


is A mobile phone with no bezels? What do we do with the sensors?

level of technology, we are confident that it is possible to manufacture this smartphone, any brand would have problems by doing so. The problem of these smartphones is the poor resistance to falls and the problem of integrating some other sensor is required.

To turn the camera would also have to be integrated somewhere, and it seems that this time it would be in a place of shape retractable although the idea of putting a camera retractable is not that appeals to us too. The mobile would not have any place for the ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, or the sensor traces. How would Xiaomi with all those sensors?

is A camera for selfies retractable? Why not?

To turn the terminal would integrate a hardware to very decent. Would be with an AMOLED screen of 6.4-inch and 2K resolution, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage available.

rear camera would have a sensor of 16 MP, dual-LED flash, OIS (stabilizer optical image), and auto focus. In the front, the camera is retractable for selfies, you would need about 8 MP. The battery, with a capacity of 4000 mAh, you would have enough autonomy to work for a day with about 5 hours screen. And yes, if it actually comes to the market is going to make it very difficult to brands like Samsung or Apple.

price is still not talked about, but if the price to change are around 300 or 400 euros sure that ends up to stay in a price close to the 500 euro. We have seen the breath in Xiaomi Today, it is very interesting.