Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: 100% screen and dual camera

Xiaomi takes a time working on the successor to the Xiaomi Mi Mix, and in fact, this smartphone has not been more than a test of Xiaomi to see how she reacted to the market his creation. After seeing how the Xiaomi Mi Mix flew out of the shops Xiaomi was put immediately to work on his next project, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

few days Ago we talked about how a Xiaomi Mix of the series Mi6 but for the moment it is not known what strategy to use Xiaomi for this smartphone. What is clear is that the Mi series has always been characterized by offering mark fine, at least in the fifth range. The future renders of the Xiaomi Mi Mix2 filter out a smartphone which would have the 100% of screen in the front of the smartphone.


100% of screen, what will be the future of mobile?

The reality is that riding a body with a 100% screen in the front and 2K resolution makes it possible, or a very large screen or a small mobile display with a decent. We like both ideas because, according to the person that wants it will search for one thing or another (we’d like to have both).

Xiaomi has sold My Mix with a ratio of the surface / screen in the front from 91.3 % but go to the 100% means an interesting development although it also means facing several challenges. The future Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 could also have a screen of 6.4 inches in the front with 2K resolution, a resolution of 1080 x 2040 pixels that is not common.

A very large screen in a mobile phone with a size of 5.5 inches or less

the future Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 would be a dual camera in the rear although in some renderings it seems that you only have one. Maybe there are two versions, but the dual cameras, for the moment, they can’t improve too much the single-sensor cameras although they can provide interesting effects that can not be achieved with a single sensor.


it seems that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 would include a front camera telescopic with LED flash that would remain hidden in the device and go away to be able to do selfies, something that does not finish to convince us but, if it works well, it would also be interesting. And yes, it would have a fingerprint sensor underneath the screen, would come with MIUI 9 based on Android 7.0 Nougat and a higher price tag of 700 euros, that’s for sure. I remind you that you are nothing more than rumors but could be true…

Source | GizmoChina