Xiaomi Hybrid vs Piston 3 What headphones to buy?

If you want to buy headphones to economic and high quality Xiaomi has two in-ear headphones really good, Xiaomi Piston 3 and the Xiaomi Hybrid. Logically the Hybrid are newer and more expensive so should be better than the Piston 3 but what is certain is that the headphones Xiaomi have good things and bad things and despite the fact that both are better than most headphones that come down from the $ 50 (costing between 10 and 15 euros, depending on the model) you don’t always get to buy the same.

How do you know if you buy the Xiaomi Piston 3 or the Xiaomi Hybrid? As you may not have the possibility to test them we’re going to talk about the good things and bad things of both earphones and the things that are similar in both to help you out for sure.

Xiaomi Piston 3

Xiaomi Hybrid vs Xiaomi Piston 3

To enter the value of purchase, we would like to talk about several things, perhaps if we speak only of sound quality and power have a different opinion but to me I would like to talk about what strong both headphones.

The headphones from Xiaomi with a better box: Piston 3 vs Hybrid

it May seem silly but when we talk about headphones that are going to always carry should keep in mind that the box, you can re-important to bring it in. The Xiaomi Piston 3 bring a closed box that allows us to transport them and takes their 3 guards classified in the same.

on the contrary, the Hybrid of Xiaomi come in a cardboard box which makes it very uncomfortable to carry, and then your protectors come in a bag which then will cause us to lose them. They both come with 4 pairs of protectors but looking at the box the Piston 3 have a better container.

Design: Xiaomi Hybrid vs Piston 3

When we talk about design there are several points to touch on, we would like to talk about them point-to-point:

  • The headset – In regard to the design of the Piston 3 are more beautiful and are also reinforced where the headset connects with the cable. On the contrary, the Hybrid have a design that is more sophisticated and not so nice at the same time that does not have this reinforcement.
  • The cable – The cable is the same for both headphones. In the lower part of the same cable is lacing that increases the durability of both, does not roll up and does not spoil as fast. The volume control (raise and lower) with the media button and the microphone are the same and the 3.5 mm connector is also the same for both.

therefore the Xiaomi Piston 3 looks like a headset more sports and usual day-to-day and the Hybrid will be reserved a bit more of the face of situations less extreme, maybe to make sport of the Piston 3 is perfect, and the Hybrid is more good to be at home or listen to music on the street.

the Quality and power of sound: Piston 3 vs Hybrid

Both are very similar but there are some differences that can be seen if we analyze in depth.

  • sound Quality – Although by very little, the Hybrid is best heard that the Piston 3 (especially in low) and when there are many voices and volúmenos high the Hybrid also achieve a better definition thanks to its sound in HD. It is normal for the Hybrid to be better, are newer and have experienced some improvements.
  • sound Power – The Piston 3 sound a little stronger than the Hybrid but it is a difference that we are going to appreciate much in the day-to-day as to conserve the sense of hearing in good condition is not recommended to climb so much the volume of the hulls.

Both helmets have a good sound and when we put it just listen to the outside so in that aspect there is no difference, they have a rubber of great quality and a very good design.

Hybrid earphones

What to buy? Piston 3 or Hybrid

The truth is that the choice is difficult. Perhaps the Hybrid’s are better in sound quality and in this aspect there is no doubt but the difference is very little. Speaking of multi-purpose I would also with the Piston 3 because they are still perfect for all kinds of situations. The not-so-fragile is a plus point and in addition the Piston 3 cost about 11 euros while the Hybrid is going to be 15 euros.

in Addition to the good of the headphones from Xiaomi is that it takes a QR code to verify that you are original, be careful not to give you the stick.

Buy the Piston 3 or Hybrid on Amazon

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