Xiaomi Amazfit: Settings and change language to English

Xiaomi is a company that not only manufactures smartphones, smart bracelets, now it’s the turn of your watch that offers interesting options and that is economical: Xiaomi Amazfit. the smart watch of the Chinese company The first thing is to indicate that this smartwatch arrives with a round ceramic sphere and that the straps are changed in a fairly simple way.

The Hardware of Xiaomi Amazfit has a core processor at 1.2 GHz that is accompanied by 512 MB of RAM; four gigs of storage and WiFi connections, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. which includes in the current smartwatch. But it is in the software that we find the big differences in Xiaomi Amazfit.

The integrated battery exceeds 200 mAh and it takes three hours to fully recharge it. In autonomy, it is indicated that it is about six days, but in actual use about five days. This is an excellent brand compared to what other smartwatches on the market offer. And, this, is achieved especially by the clock screen that is 1.34 inches (300 x 300) with transflective LCD technology, which allows it to look good outdoors, but does not offer a brightness with intensity of other devices.

Update Xiaomi Amazfit the clock firmware

  1. you have to go to the clock and update the firmware, for this we have to follow these steps:
  2. Two taps on the screen to unlock or press the button.
  3. Slide down and see the time and then slide left 3 times until the Settings icon (a nut) appears.
  4. We go down until we see the icon with the arrow up (Update) and click there (we may have to configure the WiFi from the app or start looking for the new update.
  5. We confirm and the update will start, we wait for it to finish and the clock restarts.
  6. Once this is done we will see that we have the latest firmware (the most content in English, up to 91%) and we will translate it, it is very simple, we need a PC with Windows and a little desire, nothing more.

Xiaomi Amazfit: Settings and change language to English

a tool that facilitates the process, here you have the tool and how it works but we will explain the steps we have taken.

  1. We install the Android ADB drivers on the PC. Here in this post of XDA are the ADB drivers.
  2. Once this is done we connect our clock to the PC through the load base and wait for the drivers to be installed.
  3. Now we open the CMD (what has been the old MS-DOS) and use the following commands, pressing Enter once entered:
  4. adb devices (we’ll see a code if the clock is properly connected).
    adb shell (to access the console).
    setprop persist.sys.language in (to change the language of the clock)
  5. The clock will restart and when it is turned on practically everything will be in English and not in Chinese as before. It is possible that the units are still in Chinese and put mileage but will already measure in kilometers so you do not have to worry. If it is in Chinese, you have not put the command correctly, repeat it again.

AmazFit SmartWatch App: What is it for?

This is the application you need to synchronize the clock with your mobile, receive notifications or change spheres. Once you synchronize the clock it is very normal for you to get a notification that there is a new ROM available. In the next step we explain how to install it but before we will tell you how this app works.

  • Sport Healt: It is the application used to synchronize the application and see the results (racing, etc.) in My Fit or in Amazfit App, applications that we will also talk about below.
  • Watch Face: We can change between the different spheres.
  • Push notifications: To activate notifications.
  • Notification Settings: To configure notifications that go to the clock, we can choose which apps are going to notify on the clock and which apps do not.
  • System Authority: It is to configure the permissions and that everything works well.
  • Application (below all): It allows us to choose the order of notifications on our mobile and adjust the City from which our clock will provide us with the time.

Xiaomi Amazfit includes protection against IP67 guide and dust to avoid problems, compatibility with operating systems, this is the usual: iOS and Android.

With this device it is possible to know incoming calls as notifications, but none of them could be answered. As a sports accessory it is really interesting, since it offers all the necessary hardware to be able to measure a walk to an exit with the bike with a high precision. With this in mind, Xiaomi Amazfit becomes a wearable accessory that is interesting, comfortable and functional.