Xiaomi Amazfit: Settings and change language to English

When you buy the Xiaomi Amazfit the chinese version of can you feel a little disoriented. The truth is that the other day, on our first impressions, we explained that at the beginning we had that configure several thing to be able to begin to enjoy the clock. If you buy the Amazfit Pace the thing changes because that already comes in English, but the chinese can also be put on and soon the firmware will be completely in this language.

Today, as we want to help you to solve all of the mess, we are inspired to make a tutorial for configure the Amazfit, connect it to our mobile phone and put it in English so that it is much easier, let’s go by parts.


First: The app to connect the watch, of time in English

There are several applications that we’re going to need but first of all will be download the application AmazFit SmartWatch App but not served or that is on Google Play or the that is in the My Store. Download the Chinese version of the application and as you probably are not going to understand anything in this the best thing is to resort to a version of the app translated.

We have been searching and after a lot, but that much digging we found this version in the forum of MIUI Greece. You have to create an account and download the version 1.1.2 (you can see in the post because it has a lock but once you create an account you can already download it). The application is in English so you will not have problem. Once you download this app, you can turn on your watch and connect it through the camera of your tablet or your mobile phone.

AmazFit SmartWatch App: what is it?

This is the application you need to synchronize the clock with your mobile phone, receive notifications or to change the spheres. Once you sync the watch it is very normal that you leave a notification that tells you that there is a new ROM available. In the next step we explain how to install it but before you are going to say how it works, this app.

  • Sport Healt: it Is the application that serves to synchronize the application and view the results (racing, etc) in My Fit or in Amazfit App, applications that also I’ll talk about more below.
  • Watch Face: we Can change between the different spheres.
  • Push notificacions: To activate the notifications.
  • Notification Settings: To configure the notifications that go to the clock, we can choose what apps will notify on the clock and what apps don’t.
  • System Authority: it Is to set up the permissions and everything works fine.
  • Application (bottom): allows Us to choose the order of the notifications in our mobile and adjust the City and that our clock will provide us with the time.

Second: Update the firmware of the watch

In the second place there is to go to the clock and update the firmware, to do this we need to follow these steps:

  • Two taps on the screen to unlock or press the button.
  • Slides down and we see the time and then slides to the left 3 times until you see the icon of the Settings (a nut).
  • Down until you see the icon with the up arrow (Update, and press there (you may have to configure the WiFi from the app or will start to search for the new update.
  • Confirm and the update will begin, wait for it to finish and watch it restart.

once this is done we will see that we have the latest firmware (most content is in English, up to 91%) and we’re going to translate it, is very simple, we need a PC with Windows and a little bit of an urge, nothing more.


Third: Put the Amazfit in English

Our friend Npirtube has created a tool that makes the process easier, here is the tool and how it works but we’re going to explain the steps that we have done.

  • Install ADB drivers for Android on the PC. Here in this post of XDA are the ADB drivers.
  • once this is done we connect our clock to the PC through the charging base and we look forward to that are installed the drivers.
  • we Now open the CMD (what comes to be the old MS-DOS) and use the following commands, pressing Enter after entering:
    • adb devices (we will see a code if the clock is well connected).
    • adb shell (to access the console).
    • setprop persist.sys.language in (to change the language of the clock)
    • reboot

The clock will be restarted and at power-on, practically everything will be already in English and not in Chinese as before. It is possible that the units are still in chinese and put mileage but will measure as in miles so no need to worry about. If you are in Chinese is that you have not put the command, you return to repeat it.


Fourth: See the results of the activities

once you have everything ready you will be using as a normal watch but to see the summaries of the activities we need two apps, or the of Amazfit and well the of MiFit.

  • Download Amazfit translated.
  • Download MiFit translated.

And, to see the results in these applications, just go to the app main and in Sport Healt below there are two buttons, one to view the results in MiFit and the other to view the results in the app Amazfit. It is as simple as that. It may seem a roll but what is certain is that it is much more easy than it seems. We hope that you can now enjoy your Amazfit, if you don’t have it here, you can buy one at a good price.

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