Windows 10, remove notifications from the Activity Center

Windows 10 Activity Center is where the notifications that you rejected are accumulated. It's a good way to visit them again later when you have time. All applications that can display notifications can, by default, stack them in the Activity Center.

If app notifications are useful, but you don't need them to stack them in the Activities Center, you can keep them out and you can do it individually. Here’s how you can keep notifications outside the Activity Center.

Keep notifications out of the Windows 10 Activity Center

Open the Configuration application and go to the System Configuration group. Select the Notification and applications tab and scroll through the applications until you find the one you want to keep out of the Activity Center. Click on the.

On the next screen, you will see an option called 'Show notifications in the action center' and it will be activated. Turn it off It will not delete notifications that are already in the Activity Center, however, notifications that arrive later will not be displayed there.

If you re-enable this option, that is, if you allow notifications for the application to be sent to the Activity Center, only notifications that arrive after the option is enabled will appear. Notifications that have already been delivered and subsequently dismissed will not appear there.

The Activity Center does not have much space. Sending notifications is useful, but that does not mean that all applications should do so. Chrome, for example, does not need your notifications to be stacked in the Activity Center in most cases. You can probably audit your own list of applications and find out which ones need notifications to go to the Activity Center and which ones don't.

Notifications in Windows 10

For app notifications that you allow in the Activity Center, you can choose how many notifications are visible. The minimum is 3 notifications, all others collapse under the application's own title.

There is no way to reduce it to a single notification, which is a shame, as this would allow to list more applications there. With three notifications per application, there is really only room for two applications to show notifications and then you have to scroll to see the others.

If, even after removing unimportant applications from the Activity Center, you still have too many notifications, you can use the priority settings and make the most important application notifications appear at the top. The priority is set again according to each application. All applications, by default, have ‘Normal’ priority.