Windows 10, how to disable feedback circles?

Windows 10 provides visual information when you touch the touch screen. By default, a transparent circle appears below the finger after touching. This circle can be really annoying for many people, it can always be pressed unintentionally or simply annoying aesthetically.

The following explains how each of the feedback circles. It's really easy what you have to do, it may not take you more than a couple of minutes. Just follow each of the steps and that's it, you can do it correctly in record time.

Tutorial time in Windows 10

To find this option, go to Settings> Ease of access> Cursor & Pointer. (To quickly open the Settings application, press Windows + I.).

Go to Ease of access in the Windows 10 Settings panel.

Scroll down to the "Change touch feedback" section. Touch the "Show visual feedback around touch points when you press the screen" button to switch to "Off."

On the "Cursor & Pointer" panel, press the "Show visual feedback around touch points when you touch the screen" button to switch to "Off."

To reactivate touch feedback in the future, you can go back here and touch the switch back to "On" at any time.

If you are giving a presentation and you want the tactile feedback to be more visible, activate the option “Make visual feedback for darker and larger touch points”. The circles will change from light gray to dark gray. They will also be bigger and more remarkable.

Now you are aware of what you have to do. As you have seen, it is something very easy that does not have any complications and that will not put your computer at risk. Just follow our instructions and that's it, you'll be doing the right thing. Until next time.