Windows 10: fixing the bug «you will need a new application to …

Windows 10 is no stranger to errors. When I tried to run the Calculator application, he told me this. "You will need a new application to open this calculator." Do I need an application to open an application? What?

Notice that the OK button is grayish.

So I decided to look in the Microsoft Answers community of Windows 10. That's where users go with their error messages, and I'm sure I found a thread that details exactly the same problem. A couple of Microsoft agents had published some corrections, which I hoped would solve the problem.

Here is a list of what I tried and it didn't work on Windows 10

The first places I looked for a solution were Windows Update and the Windows Store application. As my Windows 10 is new (I had restarted my computer a few days ago), I assumed there was some pending update or something like that. But everything was up to date.

Running the System File Checker as an administrator is always a good step to fix Windows-related errors. And, it turned out that everything was fine, even though the Calculator application didn't work.

Then I tested the DISM command on a Command Symbol raised “DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth”. This also did not solve my problem.

The Windows Store restart command, "Wsreset.exe", which can be executed from the "Run" (Win + R) tool, has not helped me either.

As a last resort, I tried to execute the following commands one by one, in an elevated Powershell:

Get-AppxPackage -Name Microsoft.WindowsCalculator | Remove-AppxPackage
Get-AppxPackage -Name Microsoft.WindowsCalculator | Add-AppxPackage

I restarted the computer, hoping it would have fixed the problem.

Running Calc.exe told me it didn't fix it. I wanted to "Reset" the Calculator from Settings> Apps & Features, but the application was not even listed. It was then that I began to wonder if this was a more complicated issue than I thought.

How to fix it, you will need a new application to open this calculator

And this moment was also when I found the arrangement. Instead of closing the pop-up window, I moved the mouse over the option "Search for an application in the Microsoft Store" and clicked on it. He opened the Windows Store application and displayed the Windows Calculator page.

I had a get button, clicking on which, showed an installation option. I clicked on it and immediately received a notification in the Activity Center informing me that the Windows Calculator is ready to use, and showed a startup option. I didn't use that, I wanted Calc.exe to work when I clicked on it, and it sure worked.

The solution may sound very obvious to you, but the reason we share it is because it could correct other default Windows 10 applications. Also, why Microsoft Have you disabled the OK button? Surely there will be some people, like me, who have not realized that the "Look for an app in the Microsoft Store" is the solution.

The wording of the option is also something that could confuse some users. Most people would assume that the error message is illogical. Something like "You need to download the Calculator again" or "This application needs to be downloaded again" might be better.