Why is it dangerous to use a Blackmart in Android?


once we have spoken of the need to use stores secure applications in Android and few are, is the Google Play, Amazon store and some more but the shops of the black market are the worst in terms of safety.

Yes, when you use a store of type “Black Market” you run a very high risk of end up with a virus on your mobile, malware, an application that will steal your personal data or something like that. Yes, it is very normal terminal with a virus in a blackmarket.

Cómo saber si mi Android tiene virus

What dangers do you have to use an app store outside?

to Use an app store outside is not interesting under any circumstances. Yes, it is true, you can download paid apps for free but the developers spend working for something and if the put payment is for something.

Download a BlackMarket does not require use of a log or anything, everything is free even when we go to download paid apps. Are not required no control so that any user (or almost) you can send a APK modified with any malicious code to take advantage of them.

lack of security is the main problem, it is more, you can even that you download a market infected by itself. As for the other problems even more serious is the root access (required) as with a permission like this in a malware application can get to do real shit on a phone.

The risk of having a virus after using applications of a store alternative is very high

Every time there are more malware on Android although the solution does not pass by using an antivirus but by using common sense. When your mobile phone or your tablet are infected it is easy to get stolen information, that you control your mobile without that tes discount, or to extract a lot of personal information without anyone knowing not even realize.

it is best use only the Play Store although if you use shops safe as Amazon’s should not be any problem even though this may not have as many apps available. Not everything we find in the Blackmart is going to be infected, but there is much risk of that so be it.

There are apps such as virustotal, which allow us to to analyze the APK files before you install them to see if there is malware of some kind. In case you do not want to analyze one-to-one you should know that there are also antivirus for Android which are not very safe but you do tend to analyze what you use and install. We encourage you to not use alternative shops though in reality the decision is yours.

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