WhatsApp can be deactivated temporarily

Cerrar WhatsApp

¿How to turn off WhatsApp? Can you disconnect WhatsApp temporarily? That is one of the questions that I have heard on more than one occasion, as many users want an option that will allow them to turn off WhatsApp temporarily to prevent notifications for a few moments or even for days.

turn Off WhatsApp for the good is not easy, yes it is true that we can remove our account from WhatsApp, clear data, put the flight mode or even uninstall the app to not have WhatsApp for a while but go back to use WhatsApp is a cumbersome process and we risk losing a lot of data.

WhatsApp can be closed temporarily

Now, through the center of translations of WhatsApp, we learned that WhatsApp could add this option very soon, a new feature that will allow to close the account of WhatsApp temporarily since there are some interesting phrase in the translation centre as this: “Why are you leaving temporarily?” means “ why do you want to leave it temporarily?“. This means that WhatsApp should be able to disable (temporarily) in a very short time according to some internal documents that are rarely wrong.

Until now WhatsApp whenever we had been allowed to delete the account (from the application) and was not very complicated, but disable it temporarily is less traumatic for does not receive messages during a time and re-enable it at any time. The biggest change is that we will not lose neither information nor copies of safety although with the backup of Google Drive, this problem was solved in part.

Facebook and Instagram allow for the temporary closure

Other applications of Facebook (we can not forget that WhatsApp belongs to the company of Mark Zuckerberg) as Instagram or Facebook allow you to disable the account temporarily. When we disable the account in this way we stop being visible to others, but the account can be recovered with a single log in again.

If we take into account that WhatsApp belongs to Facebook and that the company is not interested in losing active users what’s more certain is that WhatsApp works in a similar way, you can close the account temporarily and in as soon as you return to start session to recover all the data without any problem, we assume that synchronized to the cloud as it should be since the beginning of time.

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