WhatsApp already allows you to write in monospace fonts

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a long time Ago already, we will tell you how to put bold, italics, and strikethrough in WhatsApp, but now comes a new format for the popular messaging service: monospace fonts in WhatsApp. This format, allows us to write more separate as you’ve seen on more than one occasion. We knew that it would soon be a new source to WhatsApp and this is with the version of WhatsApp Beta 2.16.183 that you can try for APK.

While we hope to draw on WhatsApp, or add effects to photos, this feature now allows you to write any other way. Monospace fonts in WhatsApp is already available. What we see in the page of the Mirror, who have shown us how to put the last style that comes to WhatsApp up to date and that is a type of letter that is well liked among the users.

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Monospace fonts in WhatsApp

If you want write with this format of fixed-width (Monospace) you must put the following in the chat of WhatsApp. If it doesn’t work, make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp available to date (you leave at the end of the article). You need to put 3 of these `.

“`tu_palabra“` (in the editor look bad are 3 of these ` on each side).

With these 3 accents in the opposite direction to what is written in Spain, will work out the format of Monospace fonts in your texts in WhatsApp.

you Can combine them with others without problems, to speak in the formats that you want by WhatsApp, customizing the font in WhatsApp. That will remind you that you are the following formats:




This morning we tell you, moreover, that in this new beta of WhatsApp, it adds the authentication in two steps. We knew that throughout the day would disclose more things, and this certainly is a great feature.

you Need to have the latest beta

you Can download this new version of WhatsApp Beta 2.16.183 by APK. we’ll leave You the link to the Play Store to download the APK, if you’re already in the program betas of WhatsApp try it that you already have it.

will You have worked? Don’t hesitate on these days in the comments.

Download | WhatsApp Beta 2.16.183 [APK Mirror]

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