WhatsApp adds profiles verified for companies

If you have a company and you use WhatsApp, this you are interested in, because the guys of the popular messaging service just add the profiles are verified in WhatsApp. This is one of the capabilities that we didn’t have and that we have already seen in other apps such as Twitter, and you certainly don’t have to waste any.

latest beta of WhatsApp adds the profiles verified. This profile verified is basically to verify that the person is who he claims to be. What you can see in the following image:

Perfiles verificados en WhatsApp

Profiles are verified in WhatsApp

Many social networks such as Facebook or Twitter have added, because it is a way to prevent impersonation of identity, since if you want to talk with a company, now I’ll tell you if it actually is who it claims to be, so that you don’t fall into possible traps or scams. This you’re going to view it which you see in the above photo, with the ict in green profile verified.

We are facing a crucial feature for companies, and that now you will be able to get in the last beta of WhatsApp. You can try it now from the Play Store by downloading the latest beta!

This functionality is only WhatsApp for now in terms of messaging services, at least that I know of, in the Telegram I have never seen, nor in the other (I don’t know if LINE has it already but I will make inquiries). However, today many businesses use WhatsApp to get closer to the users.

Now companies will be able to be verified in WhatsApp

is good news, because since that download and install this beta, you will see that companies as you can verify in WhatsApp.

If you want to get the functionality of profiles are verified in WhatsApp for businesses, you need to try the latest beta of WhatsApp. Keep in mind that this movement, allows that WhatsApp is more serious, for that reason that the companies are going to be able to give a extra safety to the users.

Remember that you need the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android 2.17.1. For Android you will be able to try it out now by updating to the beta directly from the Play Store, on iOS will be coming soon. Remember that you can only have it with the beta. Soon it will be official.

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