WhatsApp adds an answering machine for calls

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¿You imagine having a answering machine WhatsApp? In these moments, and as early as a year ago, we have calls WhatsApp available that allow us to call our contacts for VoIP. What we cannot do yet, is leave a message on the answering machine of WhatsApp when you do not answer the call to listen to it later. This we could do it, because in the end it is similar to a voice message. It may be that this functionality will appear soon, as we have seen in some pictures that you must not miss.

automatic Answering in WhatsApp

As we have been able to read through WhatsApp Translation, one official source that it begins to be usual, WhatsApp would have added this feature to the answering machine (record voice mail). What we see in the image below, which also indicates that it is a button that would allow us to to record a voice message during a telephone call.

contestador automatico whatsappThis is great, because if the contact does not takes us, we will be able to to record a voice message while we are making the call, instead of hanging up and enter again in the conversation to record the message. We do not know where you should get the message in question, perhaps in the paragraph of calls, or directly in the conversation.

Is great news, especially now that we know that the video calling on WhatsApp coming soon. But this is not the only thing, because this new functionality record voice calls when we do not meet would be arriving soon, but they usually appear soon after you see these images in the translations, which help the developers to translate the app.

A novelty that will soon

we do Not know when will come this new WhatsApp, you already know that it is likely to find it first by APK or WhatsApp beta in the Google Play. We assume that it will do so soon, maybe in a couple of weeks. Everything indicates that it will be in may, so we will keep you informed.

do You like the new WhatsApp or it seems absurd to have the voice messages?

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