What to do when the smartphone restarts alone without stopping?

A common problem with many modern cellular equipment is that, on occasion, they may begin to restart due to various failures, making them almost impossible to use.

Why are they restarted?

They can be different situations. To begin, in most cases it is a problem related to an update.

Sometimes new versions of the operating system may contain errors, or, something happens that does not download well, which leads to a general failure that causes this startup problem by turning our smartphone into a problem that is not resolved by restarting or connecting it to a PC

Other more serious reasons may be that an app was installed with some type of attack, or the equipment has physical damage, in those cases you can not do much more than take it to a service center.

What to do?

There are two possibilities, the solutions that we will give you below are for phones with Android operating system.

To enter the safe mode there are three ways you should try in Android OS: Turn on the smartphone and when the manufacturer's logo appears press the volume down button. In some models it is to increase the volume.

If it does not work try turning on the device and without releasing the button, press the volume up and down buttons at the same time.

Turn on the device and press the central menu button to enter Safe Mode.

In some cases it will allow you to recover your information by creating a backup copy. If possible, do it.

The purpose of entering the Safe Mode is to Reset to Factory Status. This will erase everything you saved on the device, but if it is an OS error, you can use your device again.