What to do to protect your bank accounts when your smartphone is stolen

Nowadays, it is common for people to store personal information on their cell phones, or for smartphones to have applications that track sensitive information, such as application passwords or pages that we use frequently.

Therefore, before the loss or theft of your phone, there is a risk that third parties obtain this information and access your mobile banking applications and your accounts.

Given this, the BCP (Peru) provides six security tips for you to protect your financial information from mobile phone theft.

1. Immediately block your debit card linked to the mobile banking application

After losing your mobile, you must call 3119898 immediately to block the debit card with which you access the Mobile Banking application. This is the most effective measure to prevent any type of theft.

2. Lock your phone chip

It is very important that you block your phone chip in the telecommunications company.

3. Delete confidential information

Access your account in iCloud and delete all confidential information.

4. No key stores

Do not get used to storing passwords on your cell phone, as they can use them to enter your financial information. Also check that you do not have the option to archive your keys activated.

5. Create different passwords for your access

Have a different password for each application. In the case of iPhone, have a different password to access your iCloud account. Application passwords must be different from those you use to unlock the screen. Do not use simple dates, such as your birthday or year of birth.

6. Always log out

Every time you finish using the application on your cell phone, log out. This prevents any external person from accessing your financial information.