What to do for FIFA 16 go fast in Android?

FIFA 16 Android funciona mal

FIFA 16 Android works poorly, fatal, more, the first time that we have said that FIFA 16 Android it worked really bad have been many users that have reported their cases, that there is hardly mobile in the that works well.

We have tested FIFA 16 on the Galaxy S6 and the reality is that the game works fine, no major problems, now, in all the other mobiles we’ve tested FIFA 16 the game worked evil, fatal, even adjusting the graphics to a minimum or doing whatever it was, his performance was lousy.

FIFA 16 Android

How to make FIFA 16 go well and fast on Android?

is Not the first time that users ask us for advice for that FIFA 16 will work best in their terminals but the truth is that even lowering the graphics to a minimum the operation of the game is still pretty bad. How to fix the problem and try to play? first of all I move that this trick will not going to serve for all mobile phones although some of them can work well.

Between the mobile malfunctions are the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S5, the LG G3, Moto Maxx, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 5, Huawei P7, Huawei Honor 4X, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Tab S, Moto G 2, Moto X and Galaxy Note 10, are devices that the users of AndroidPhoria have told us but many more in which it goes wrong.

What to do for FIFA 16 go a little better?

In some cases we will go fluid and others that do better but the base are in two things:

  • Close all applications before start the game, making sure that the mobile is dedicated to running the game and not lose power for any other application open while the multitasking of Android is not at all real, yes, it is true that it is loading too much information on the RAM and sometimes it goes just.
  • Lower the volume of everything to a minimum, is one of the tricks that allows most users to play without problems in FIFA 16, we observed that after a lot of test when you lower the volume (not only on the overall volume, but in the options of the game) sometimes we get a performance worthy, it is also true that some users see it as the game slows down when the mobile is hot, it all depends on the terminal but this seems to be the biggest problem, the audios.

Lower the volume is the secret to FIFA 16 go best on Android

We would like to know which mobile you have and what has been the operation of FIFA 16 in your terminal, as you can see in the image capture FIFA 16 sometimes even not loading the textures or do things style, it goes pretty bad for an EA game, it’s a shame because is the best FIFA for mobile up to date.

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