What should I do before selling my old iPhone?

Many times it is time to get rid of a phone, either by obsolescence or by disuse. If such were the situation, you should know that for get rid of an old iPhone, you should know that it is not enough to remove the SIM card to be ready for sale.Due to its characteristics of synchronization and to its security system, for the above you must follow some steps that will help you prevent your new owner from having access to personal information or in any case you can use it without any problem to make the change of owner.

1. Make a back of your information: Check if you have activated the iCloud and select all the files, photographs, videos, documents and others that you want to transfer to your new device.

2. Swipe your device: You must deactivate “Locate my iPhone”, if you have an Apple Watch, iPad, iPod, Macbook or any synchronized device slide off the bills. Log out of your Apple ID and remove your SIM.

3. Delete your iPhone: Go to Settings followed by “General” and look for the menu reset or restore to factory settings. Finally choose “Delete all files and settings”.

4. Clean the phone: Much of the value of your equipment is in its time of use and the state in which you sell it. Remove the decals you put on, remove the protections and worn mica and clean with a soft cloth with a solution suitable for electronic equipment.

5. How much does it cost? Check in retail stores if they still sell the model you have. Do you consider that when used it lowers its price with conditionals such as: does it have a charging cable ?, original accessories ?, impeccable operation? Compare with other sellers and assign a value according to the current market.What should I do before selling my old iPhone?

you need to do before you sell your phone

If you have in mind to sell your Android phone or tablet, we will give you a series of tips to make the sale as fast as possible

You’re looking for his box and all the accessories he’d bring.

This adds additional value to your sale as it brings the experience closer to the buyer to when you buy it again. Having the box with all your accessories well placed makes you more interested in it. Of course, take pictures of this and make it look in your ad.

Remember if it came with headphones, put the cable and wall charger on, and if you have a case you bought, better than better.

Clean your device and take good photos

In this buy-sell you have to go in the other person’s eyes. That’s why good photos in your ad will make you have more visitors and therefore more users who can buy it for you.

Clean your device thoroughly and place it in well-lit places. Take pictures with a camera or failing, with a mobile camera that is famous for being good. Photos of everything: Box, accessories, cover if you had it and most importantly, the mobile both front and back showing possible defects or on the contrary, which is like new.

Publish it in different means of buying and selling

There are several platforms for the purchase and sale of second-hand products. There is the so famous Wallapop and others like Ebay, Segundamano, Milanuncios, etc. Therefore, we advise you to go from left to right in the list that we have told you by posting your smartphone on those sites.

Put the best image as the main and a clear and concise description of your smartphone. With the price you think is appropriate. Keep in mind that they tend to haggle a little, so don’t opt for your minimum price when posting it.

Factory restores so there’s nothing personal

It’s time to remove all traces from your smartphone. Don’t worry, don’t delete all folders one by one. There’s an option in the settings that leaves it the way you pulled it out of the box on the first day.

To leave your smartphone at the factory, you have to go to Settings > Backups and click on Restore to factory settings. It may differ between other models but the path is almost the same in all. Be sure to check the option to delete all data and once done, wait for it to start again, turn it off and you’re done.

Look for invoices if it’s in guarantee and you want to sell your mobile

A smartphone that is still under warranty increases its price on second-hand sales. The buyer feels more at ease because in case of problem, the guarantee will be able to solve it and would not lose their money.