What is the meaning of the meme Roll Safe?

meme roll safe

¿you Know the meaning of the new meme Roll Safe? This name comes from a character of an actor and writer for the british which has given rise to a meme. Sure in the last few days have seen in the social networks the meme of a guy with a swarthy complexion that takes a finger to the head as a signal of “hay to think about things before you do them”. This image is being used as a meme, and s is accompanying texts that are the worst advice in the history. Sure you’ve seen it.

you Can see in the following video:

What is the meaning of the meme Roll Safe?

As you can see, the meaning of this meme Roll Safe, it is simply that you have to think a little before you do things. “Think before you screw up”, “think before you liarda parda”, “think twice don’t regret it…”, etc., This meme wants us to think everything right before doing so. It is something like “beware“.

But what of where it has gone to this guy? As already we tell you, it’s the character Roll Safe which starred a fake documentary Hood Documentary. This series began on Vine, then to YouTube and then to BBC. It looks good. But without a doubt, this meme, called the attention, because he liked both the networks that are always on the sharing memes with your photo and a message.

If you look at the video, you’ll see the meme in the minute 01:30 approximately, when the guy praises the list that it is your wedding… we Can see how you “take the hand” or rather the finger to the head, the part of the head, to make the typical signage that you can think of… that thinking is good…and she always says something that gives much play. ¡¡You can’t miss your memes!!

que significa el meme Roll Safe

The following is an example of a meme, but right now you can catch the video above for the minute 01:30, cut your face and make a fun meme original that you can think of. What would you suggest phrases to create memes?

What do you think the meme Roll Safe? Do not hesitate to share some of their best memes.