What does TFW mean? We explain everything about this acronym

If you have been in social networks or on an internet message board in the last decade, you probably found the acronym TFW. You may have seen it next to a strange image or attached to a funny anecdote.

But what does TFW mean? We are here to tell you everything you need to know about this popular acronym.

What is the acronym TFW?

TFW is the abbreviation for "That Feel When, or in Spanish," that feeling when. " It is an internet term that allows the user to frame a particular experience through the feelings they have when something happens.

Depending on who publishes it, TFW can also mean "that feeling when" or "that face when." These variations are similar to each other, although "that feeling when" is the most commonly seen in internet conversations.

The phrase or acronym is usually followed by a phrase that describes the experience. Sometimes, you may have an image attached depending on how it is published.

Use TFW correctly

Use the acronym TFW to describe an experience you want the reader to relate to. Here are some simple examples of this that we are talking about:

1.- TFW is reaching the good part of the video, but it starts to buffer.

2.- TFW you find something you lost that was in your pocket all the time.

3.- TFW your favorite song comes out in the club.

Since its inception, the use of TFW has evolved. While the above examples refer to quite mundane situations, many people also use it to refer to extremely specific circumstances for the comic effect.

Another typical use of TFW is to convey a "painful" experience that can be reported. These uses can often be fun in a sad and ironic way.

1.- TFW she wants to see your abs but you don't have any.

2.- TFW, it takes 2 seconds to respond but it takes 2 weeks to respond.

3.- TFW you fall asleep during the haircut and when you wake up you are bald.

Some statements related to this acronym are separate memes. The term "tfw no gf" is the abbreviation of "that feeling when you have no girlfriend." It refers specifically to the experience of not having a girlfriend and is usually accompanied by the image of a sad or crying person.

Over time, many people on Twitter and Reddit have chosen to eliminate the first two words completely. You can use "when" to frame your statement in exactly the same way as "That Feeling When." For example, you can say "when your 30-page document expires in one hour and you have finished only 3 pages."

The history of this acronym

It is believed that TFW originated along with the meme "I know that feeling brother." This is an image that originated in 4chan more than a decade ago, representing two "bros" embracing each other. It was used as a reaction to show solidarity with the experiences of other posts.

The meme shown in the image above was frequently used in several threads in response when someone conveyed a sad incident. These threads would normally start with "TFW".

Now, TFW probably became even more popular due to the rise of Twitter. At that time, Twitter still had a limit of 140 characters, which made the abbreviations and acronyms spread throughout the site.

Since then, "that feeling when" and "I Know That Feel Bro" have had multiple derivatives that have also become ubiquitous in the internet culture.

Similar internet Memes

The "that feeling when" meme is not the only internet term that allows you to frame your reaction to a specific experience. Over the years, more and more terms and acronyms have appeared in various places on the web.

That feeling when you are at the end of the article

Unlike many internet jargon terms that were popular almost a decade ago, TFW endures and is still widely used today.

One of the sites where these terms are commonly used is Reddit. If you are not familiar with the site or just starting, you can check the web for the best applications to use this platform.