We analyze in depth the camera of the Xiaomi Mi6: Recording video and photos

After in-depth analysis of the Xiaomi Mi6 in a review, it is possible that many of you have been wanting more. Our colleague Peter has been animated with another video and this time he has analyzed the camera of the Xiaomi Mi6 to fund.

Many of you know that the Xiaomi Mi6 is more powerful than the Galaxy S8 in benchmarks, possibly due to the 6 GB of RAM vs. 4 GB of RAM in the S8 but the doubt comes to the time to see and test your camera. At no point will we forget that the Mi6 costing half that the Galaxy S8 and that is one of the reasons why you would buy the flagship of the Xiaomi before the mobile star Samsung. Without further ado we recommend you to see the video.

we Analyze in depth the recording capacity of the Mi6

One of the main concerns plus the photos are videos. The Xiaomi Mi6 incorporates a stabilizer 4-axis that works well, perhaps not as well as the high range that cost twice as much but yes at the height of its price and above any option that has that same price.

let’s Not forget that the mobile does not have the ROM polished at all and that the operation of the camera will surely improve a lot with the updates once you get the ROM global so that we should think that is the worst thing that can function (how well will the approach in the video despite the complexity of the recording). The reality is that it leaves us totally impressed. As you can see, we can only compare the top 10 cameras on the market to let you shadow since in other case it is impossible.

In the video we also see the recording in slow motion 120 fps in HD, the reality is that the results are very good, do not miss it.

we Analyze the zoom 2x Mi6, without problems

is Not the first time that we tested the ability photo of the Mi6, we have been able to see in the review, and also in this article of photos taken with the Xiaomi Mi6 but after staying with a few small flaws in the review we have tested other terminal to see how it worked, the camera and the 2x optical zoom lens.

The Xiaomi Mi6 combines a camera with two sensors of 12 MP and that allows you to get a zoom 2x without loss of quality, which works really well. In the review it was commented that sometimes the optical zoom was not working well but in another unit of the Xiaomi Mi6 this problem does not exist for what surely would be a problem in the ROM and not of the terminal (as we thought we are).

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Photos of Mi6

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we Can see that the Xiaomi Mi6 takes photos with very good quality of day and with light, at night you might lose some quality with respect to the leaders of the sector, but it is a camera very versatile and both the focus as the resolution of the curve of image are truly amazing. If you’ve seen the video you will see that the results are very good. Here I leave you with some samples of photos taken with the Xiaomi Mi6.

camera for selfies is also for anything back, if you want to see more we recommend you watch the video, and if the mobile phone you like don’t forget that you can buy at a very good price. We recommend you do so here, in a store of confidence.

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