View profile picture and status in WhatsApp from a contact that has blocked

View the profile photo and the status of WhatsApp of any user of WhatsApp sometimes is not possible. There are two reasons why you can’t see the status and profile photo from WhatsApp of a user, in a case is a clear indicator that you have been blocked and, on the other hand, the user may have configured their privacy to see the profile of WhatsApp users that have in your list of contacts or none.

There are websites that allow you to view the profile picture and status on WhatsApp for any contact with a single one the telephone number that a person uses to access the Internet. This means that the privacy in WhatsApp remains a joke and anyone can access the profile of WhatsApp’s another easy way.

The most interesting thing of this app that we are going to recommend is that you can access the user’s profile even though we have blocked. In addition to that, this service is totally free and you only have to enter the phone number with the country code and click on “Show profile photo“.

Ver foto perfil de WhatsApp bloqueado

How to see the profile picture and the status of a user of WhatsApp that has us blocked?

To view the profile picture of WhatsApp and the state of easy way to a contact who has blocked you just have to enter This web application shows that it is very easy to access the information of thousands of users WhatsApp that have not put measures to your privacy.

Obviously if a user has configured well your privacy will be impossible to see profile and status which is not to say that the problem is WhatsApp, but the user has not protected their data with due caution. On phones iPhone also happens exactly the same, we will be able to view the profile and status regardless of the mobile in question.

it is Also worth remembering that each time it takes more to spy WhatsApp of another person but we can not forget that this is a crime, an offence under the criminal code that can confront us for spying on an acquaintance, a mate, etc it is Not legal to spy on conversations of anyone.