Vegan applications and sites for a healthier diet

If you are new to veganism or have been part of the movement for years, these free apps and sites make the diet part of your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Veganism is a growing option these days. Some people consider that plant-based diets are better for the environment, while others are vegan because of their health benefits.

No matter the reason you chose the lifestyle, you don't need to rely solely on the willpower to change. Technology can also help you.

1.- Daily Dozen (Android, iOS): nutrition you need every day

Dr. Michael Greger, founder of and author of "How Not To Die," is trying to break the myth that you need to consume meat or dairy to get the nutrients the human body needs. He guarantees that with 12 steps a day, you will lead a totally healthy lifestyle.

Daily Dozen is a diet plan in which every day you must eat or drink a certain amount of beans, berries, fruits, cruciferous vegetables, vegetables, flaxseed, nuts, grains, herbs, spices and drinks.

Along with these eleven options, the daily exercise is step number 12 and is uncompromising. The official website has a practical table that you can print and paste on a wall or in the refrigerator.

Daily Dozen is a simple checklist application. Its goal is to ensure that you follow the diet plan to get the nutrients your body needs. You can set a reminder to complete the checklist and make sure you're not cheating.

Track your progress so you can see your daily, monthly and annual progression for the entire plan, as well as the individual elements of Daily Dozen.

2.- Vegaroo (Web): recipe index and goal tracker for applications like Daily Dozen

Vegaroo is one of the applications based on Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen system. But it fills it with recipes and a goal tracker to gain or lose weight, focus on certain health benefits, etc.

When you are configuring the application, you will be asked some questions about objectives, such as losing weight or reducing blood pressure. Based on these options, Vegaroo will recommend different vegan recipes that follow the Daily Dozen diet.

In dashboard mode, the recipes show your calorie count and the time required to prepare. The complete recipe page adds other information such as macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as related and similar items. You can also save them for later.

3.- 21 Day Vegan Kickstart (Web, Android, iOS): applications and recipe plan to start veganism

Developed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). 21 Day Vegan Kickstart is a research-based diet plan to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases. The application guides you every day through the three week program.

The application makes it as simple as possible so you get what you need without having to investigate further. Every day, you will receive a reminder with a new recipe plan and you can also check future plans. The recipe list also has many other options, in case you want to experiment.

Even so, the best idea is to go with what the application recommends. At the beginning of the week, it will also automatically create a shopping list for you. Recipes follow items from that shopping list, so deviating from that could mean another trip to the store and food waste as well.

The application also includes videos where PCRM doctors educate you about the health benefits of a plant-based diet and how to put it into practice for a healthier lifestyle.

4.- Double Check Vegan (web): add the ingredients list to check if it is vegan

Being vegan as an ethical option means that you should carefully read the ingredient list of any product to ensure that there is no animal cruelty in its elaboration.

But over the years, companies have discovered marketing terms to escape your eagle eyes. Double Check Vegan tries to protect you from making the wrong decision.

The website has a dialog box where you can write, copy and paste the complete list of ingredients of any product. Then analyze the list to tell you if something is likely to have caused damage to the animals or the environment.

Instead of Double Check Vegan, you can also rely on barcode scanning applications to verify if a product is vegan. Unfortunately, these differ from one country to another, so you should find something that has a barcode database in your country.

5.- Vedged Out (Web): vegan food recipe blog

Having a plant-based diet means missing things that you liked to eat or drink before this. Most of the time, you will need to cook alternatives for you, so you should follow some recipe blogs.

Vedged Out is just one of several vegan recipe blogs that exist and focuses on baking. It is interesting because of the substitutes and replacements it offers, such as making a substitute for Brie cheese with macadamia nuts or a frying pan with chocolate chips.