Use the “chat” feature in Instagram History

For starters, it could be said that the function of this new feature in Insta Story is like a VIP access. So, only those who are already watching your Instagram Stories, can have the opportunity to return to the stage with you. Similarly, the opportunities with this new feature are endless. If you have a blog / brand / business, you will surely love it.

This new feature is called the "Chat" feature in Instagram History

It's the same as creating a group chat in your direct messages (DM). The only difference is that you can start a chat directly with the people who are watching your stories. So to give you a brief idea, this is how it works:

First, you must add a chat sticker in your story

In turn, people will request to join your chat.

You can also add all the people in your chat, or just select some people to join.

Now, it's time to start chatting together in direct messages (DM).
These are the steps to follow:

1.- In your Story, you must press the "Tag" icon.

2.- Select the “Chat” sticker.

3.- You must give your group chat a name. The name you write will be the name that people will see in their direct messages.

4.- Likewise, you can change the color of your chat sticker.

Similarly, this is just an aesthetic option for your Instagram Stories. Also, do not worry, the color has no impact on your group chat once you are in the DM. So, to change the color of the chat tag, you simply press the top color wheel.

5.- Publish your Instagram story.

6.- You only have to give time to people who wish to join.

If you pressed the chat tag by mistake and you no longer want to be in the chat, you just have to touch the sticker again. This to eliminate your request to join.

7.- Swipe up to see who requested to join your chat.

Also, where is the chat tag, you should slide up. There, you can see who has requested to join your chat.

8.- Add people to your Instagram chat.

For this, you have two options:

First of all, you must add all the people who requested to join your group chat. You just have to press the top checkbox.
Second, just select some people in your group chat.

To do this, press the checkbox next to your name. Once you have finished selecting people, just click on "Start chat". In turn, each of these people will receive a notification in their DM. In this sense, they will also have the option to leave the chat.

9.- View within the Instagram group chat

Similarly, this is how it will look in your group chat. The numbers in the upper right corner, is the number of people who requested to join it.

10.- Press the «information» icon.

Also, this is the configuration of your group chat. Here you can change the name of the group. Similarly, other people can change that name.

Mute messages; If you don't want to receive any notification from anyone in the chat.

Also, you have the option of muted mentions, if you don't want to receive notifications when someone mentions you in the chat.

Similarly, you can activate the option to require approval to join; this to add people manually. On the other hand, disable it if you want everyone to join the chat without submitting a request.

11.- Add more people to your chat later.

Here you can also see the people who have requested to join. You can add them manually to your chat.

12.- Manage your chat members.

In this section you can send people a message (outside the group chat). In addition, you can press the more options button (ellipsis) to block, report and delete them from your group chat. As well as, you can turn them into group chat administrators.

Exit the group chat from Instagram Story.

In the same way, you can leave the group chat at any time. Similarly, the people left there will be able to talk to each other.

Group chat ends.

Now, if you want to close the chat for everyone, just press "End chat". This will completely eliminate the messages within the