Uptodown create your own store for Android apps, download

Uptodown is one of the portals downloads most well-known of Spain. Surely many of you have downloaded a program or application through its website. Since 2002, the year in which they began with their activity, have gone on to become a site on the market. Now, 15 years later announce the launch of their own shop of Android apps.

With this decision, the malaga company seeks to be an alternative to Google Play or other app stores for Android. The possibility of opening your own store gives them the option of having some independence and also published various reports on antivirus and offer you the latest and most recent updates of all applications.

How it works the store Android Uptodown

to be able To have access to the store of apps created by Uptodown you just have to download your app. Simply log in to this link to download it. It is a simple step, and in addition it is not necessary to be registered on Google to be able to make with it. Once it is downloaded, give it about 20-30 seconds until the app is ready.

At that time the app asks you if you want receive notification each time a update available. Also if you want to see the best app of the week. No matter which option you choose, you can always change it by going to settings. Therefore, if after a while you see that the notifications are annoying, you can always remove them. First of all, the comfort is also important.

once it has been installed it is time to sail. You will see that it is very easy to use the application. The design is simple and easy to follow, so that you’re not going to have the slightest problem. apps available in the store Uptodown free. Another big plus is the security. All the applications available in your store are safe. Have passed various security checks, in such a way that you avoid the spread of virus or malware in your smartphone.

store Uptodown is in full development and is expected to more applications are available in the next few weeks. We don’t know if it’s going to become an alternative to Google Play. An advantage that the store Uptodown has is that you can find older versions of applications, so that if your phone can’t handle the new, you can always find a version that works. What do you think of this initiative? What are you going to use?

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