Tips to buy secondhand on the Internet safely

The online sale it has become only a few years in the most recurrent way of making our purchases. Either through stores like Amazon or through sales platforms for second-hand products such as VibboAcquiring items from the comfort of our home is something that most ordinary people have ever done in our lives. As in any type of economic transaction, the security in these cases prevails over the rest of the factors, especially when this is done between individuals. If a few days ago we gave you some tips to buy insurance in Milanuncios, this time we will show you five tips and tricks to buy secondhand on the Internet safely.

Five tricks to buy second-hand on the Internet safely

In the world of second hand online sale, there are few security measures to take. Aspects like the reception and the status of the product are very important for the purchase process to be carried out satisfactorily. That is why it is convenient to take into account a series of precautions to avoid a bad experience when it comes to buy second-hand on the Internet, and then we leave you some tricks that will surely be of your interest.

Presentation of the product

The first factor that we must take into account to buy a second-hand product is to observe the status and presentation of the article. Even if the ad has several photographs, it is recommended ask the seller for any recent with his name written on a paper. With this we will make sure not only that he has the same, but also his physical state.

Price over the original value

If the bargains on websites like eBay or Amazon are hard to find, on platforms second hand sale they are even more so. The price is a good guide to see if it is a real product or has the status promised by the seller, and find items at a value three times lower than the original is an indication that it is not as reliable as we would like .

Seller's origin

The online sale knows no borders or races, and more in the Second hand buying and selling. However, making the transaction within our country is a good way to keep our backs in case we have to make a complaint. If it comes from countries like Nigeria, China or UK or you have a questionable Spanish, surely it's a bot or a chain scam. Ask for a DNI photocopy, as well as other identifying data is the most recommended in these cases.

Payment method

Here there is no doubt. The safest way to buy online It is through the PayPal service. ¿What is Paypal? You will ask. In short, it is a payment method that acts as an intermediate gateway between buyer and seller. When we send money to the account of the person who wants to sell the product, a kind of contract is established in which if it does not arrive or is different from the one described, the company itself he returns the money. You can know more details in the link that we just attached.

Shipping way

If we do not want to use PayPal, we will have to resort to more traditional methods. The most recommended in this case is the cash on delivery. Although it supposes a slight overprice about the original value of the product, it is the only way we have to make sure that both the product and the money reach a good port. In the event that the seller in question does not accept this type of shipment, it is most likely that do not have good intentions.