Tidal: music streaming high quality flac format

There is little doubt that Android is a mobile operating system in which no shortage of options to enjoy services music streaming . We have some evidence of this as Spotify, Youtube Music Key or free NetEase Cloud Music. However, there is already a considerable amount of choices does not mean that they will not raise new, and the proof is that in this article we are going to talk more. It is Tidal , the app of a service provided by the company Aspiro AB. As you see, the proposal is interesting and knows apart from the competition.


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Numerous media web foreign and iGen have echoed this service expansion to Europe and the availability of Tidal service Windows and Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android computers . Are you wondering why we say that differentiate Tidal know ?. The answer is simple, and is that although essentially does the same as other proposals – search music, listen, download it so that it can listen offline , etc. – adds value and is committed to making The streaming .flac format, which means no loss of sound quality .

As ye imaginaréis, listen to audio flac format involves managing files heavier than the MP3 size, and therefore, this application requires good Internet connection to not listen to songs with cuts . In addition, to maximize this proposal for music lovers ideally use with good headphones . Finally we should not forget to mention that app Tidal offers some interesting bonus as the possibility of view video clips of the songs . That all good, now comes the downside, is that Tidal’s monthly fee of 19.99 euros per month so what is logical due to its superior audio quality but can roll back many people.

Play Store | Tidal (Free Application fee 19.99 per month)


Have you considered the proposal of Tidal ?, do you think your odds are reasonable?

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