The Xiaomi Mi6 have a problem with the Home key

The Xiaomi Mi6 is one of the most awaited releases in these months. A lot has been said about this phone. From its specifications to leaks of how the phone will be. It will not be until on the 19th when the phone is presented official and we can put an end to the rumors and the questions that have arisen. The anticipation is high, so that it is almost impossible not to come out rumors or news on the phone and its features.

A very feature announced was the home button. In this case I was going to have a finger sensor in the same place, in the front. This functionality, although it held this generating much debate. why? According to filtering experts, doesn’t work as well as it should.

What happens to the Home key of the Xiaomi Mi6?

A well-known analyst revealed that the phone with finger sensor ultrasonic. A design very similar to the other phones include. The Huawei P10 has one, and also the Xiaomi Mi 5s has one. The above-mentioned sensor is embedded under the glass front. In this way it is not necessary to have a hole in the phone, although the manufacturers create a small slot, in such a way that the user knows where the sensor is found.

sensor also works as home key, but you can not push or press as it normally. Therefore, you need a linear motor to provide a response in the form of vibration. A technology identical that there is in the iPhone 7.

Another analyst has confirmed these problems, and also have something related to costs. While the linear motor with which the iPhone 7 account it costs about 10$ about, the Xiaomi Mi6 only costs 1$, even less. This difference in price is reflected in the fact that the chinese company has a motor with less power. In this way, the power with which it vibrates is less. It remains to be seen if these problems are so in reality, although everything indicates that it will be so. We got to wait for the 19th to see if the Xiaomi Mi6 is the height of the expectations.