The viral game from Facebook of the horse, the horseshoe and the boot (solution)

there is a game/riddle/math problem for the most intelligent that has gone viral in Facebook and it is super fun, you will get riled up and it is possible that if you do not fixed, you’re wrong, but you’ll see that it is very easy. This game of horse, the horseshoe and the boot has gone viral on Facebook, users are sharing as the foam to see sis his friends manage to solve it.

Eye drop too much, because in this article we are going to give you the answer and tell you the real result. We’re going to explain it to you and you will see that this mathematical problem of Facebook is very simple. The game is the following: we have horses, horseshoes, and boots… how much da?

juego viral herradura caballo facebook

The viral game from Facebook of the horse, the horseshoe and the boot: result

After publishing the Facebook we have asked for the result and it is very easy:

  • In the first place, we have 3 horses and the result is 30. That means that each horse is worth 10.
  • In the second place, we have a horse and two horseshoes doubles. Knowing that the horse is worth 10 and the result is 18, wants to say that each horseshoe double vale 4.
  • In the third place, we have a horseshoe double, and a pair of boots. Knowing that horseshoe double is worth 4 and the result is 2, as a subtraction, we are left with the pair of boots is worth 2.
  • (spoiler) finally, we see that we have 1 boot, 1 horseshoe, and 1 horse. We have to start from the right because it comes before the multiplication. We know that the horse is worth 10 and the horseshoe is a single, not double, is a horseshoe-simple (that is 2, half of a double), so 10 x 2 = 20. On the other hand, we have 1 boot single instead of a pair of boots (worth 1 instead of 2), so that 20 + 1 = 21.

The result is 21, not 42 as many users claim.

you are Not wrong in the accounts, but it is difficult to realize that in the last line we have 1 shoe and 1 boot, instead of 2 of each.

did you managed to resolve?