The video of the popcorn of WhatsApp is all a myth

A new string of WhatsApp has emerged with the reason of the carnival, although in most of the regions have already finished. The hoax, however, is still hovering around the net. But, if I do come, do not worry, because it is not for nothing certain, and that is what count in the message is totally fake.

how Many strings will be created through WhatsApp. It would be impossible to guess, but yes we are sure of something: we will never stop receiving this type of chains. We do suffer from the creation of the e-mail, through the Messenger, (then, that mythical) and reaching up to the present day through WhatsApp.

we do Not know what you mean by “Carnival of the Popcorn”, but what we are sure of is that that they say in the quote is impossible to happen, in any way, in addition to. Yes it is true that a given moment might have been true, but the application has already solved the problem.

A new string totally false

there Was a time, when he premiered a new function that allows us to send files, specifically, that allowed to send files hidden within everything that withholding by the instant messaging application. This exploit was located from the early days and therefore it was remedied as quickly as possible.

There’s a video in WhatsApp called “Carnival of the Popcorn ” do Not open it !! Under any circumstances. The hack into your phone in 10 seconds and you can not stop. Passes this information to your friends

therefore, it is impossible that today a video is able to destroy our phone. So stay calm and continue enjoying the carnival in your city, if you are fortunate to live in one that has it.

Generally, this kind of chains, as they are not social networks (asking for assistance to an institution, for example, but we will also have to be very careful with these), are completely false. Generally tend to be full of faults of spelling or in their absence, full of errors, which takes away a lot of authority. In any case, 99% of them are not real (thankfully).