The users want to sell items in Pokemon GO

In the original game of Pokémon, we could sell items in exchange for coins. However, in the Pokémon GO, we do not have the possibility of selling objects, just use them and throw them away. If we have the possibility of selling some objects that we stopped, we would have many more coins to buy in the game. Although this could not convenirles a lot to the guys in Niantic, because it somehow disappear off the in-app purchases (except the coins were very few as in the gyms, they give us 10 for each club with a maximum of 100 per day and that is a bit impossible).

In these moments, we can only get coins by leaving Pokémon in the gyms and are so few that do not come to nothing. If you played a lot of Pokémon GO, and picked up many objects, we could sell some to get others. For example, change 10 berry frambu by an egg-lucky. However, this functionality is not implemented, nor was it likely to be.

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Selling items on the Pokémon GO

In the item shop everything is pretty expensive. You must pay 1 euro for every thing virtually. If we had the possibility of selling objects, although we give very few coins in exchange, we would do well to buy eggs from the lucky or incubators that always needed to incubate more eggs at once and upload more quick level.

however, this does not exist. We have asked in the comments how you can sell items at the Pokémon GO. And no, for now is not possible.

Is a free game that needs in-app purchases

At some threads on reddit, we have seen that this functionality might appear some day. Many users have requested to Niantic in requests, but as of now we don’t have any signs that it’s going to be as well. Remember that is a free-to-play and that if we take a piece of in-app purchases, would generate less revenue and the same are not interested in. But yes, it would be much better to play.

it Is annoying to have to throw things away or fill it up all the time backpack. The ideal would be to sell them although it was by very little. Who knows if in the future we see something like that.

what do You think? Do you like this?”