The tricks for the Google Pixel 3 that you didn’t know

The tricks for the Google Pixel 3 that you didn't knowGoogle Pixel 3 ended up positioned as one of the best devices of 2018. And it is that the artificial intelligence and software of this smartphone transcends the basic specifications of a terminal. That's why today we bring you 10 tricks for you to enjoy Google Pixel 3 in all its glory.

Get the most out of the Screen Call

This is one of the new weapons that Google Pixel 3 users have. This function was launched during last November and It is enabled by default on each device. So you won't have to do anything special to configure it.

If you receive a call that is not to your liking or you simply do not want to answer, there is no problem. You just have to click on the blue button Screen call when the incoming call appears. So the caller will receive an automatic message from Google and asks for his name and the reason for the call. You can see a transcript of what the caller says. In this way you can choose whether to take the call, end it or use one of the automatic answers.

Make backup copies on Google Photos

One of the great benefits of owning a Google Pixel 3 is that You can make a backup copy of all the photos and videos taken with the device. This backup can be done in Google Photos with the original quality of the files. And the best of all; for free.

Shortcut to open the camera

It may not be an exclusive feature of this phone, but it is certainly one of the novelties of the Pixel 3 camera. All you have to do is Press the power button twice and the camera will be ready to shoot. So you can always have your camera ready to capture any time you want to save.

Wireless Charging

This is another of the wonderful benefits of this device. However, you should know that wireless charging is only possible with Google-approved chargers. Any charger that has the Qi standard will work for a 10W load.

But to get the benefit of 10W fast charging your only options are the BOOST UP of Belkin and of course the Google Pixel Stand. The Pixel Stand is able to turn your phone into a kind of home assistant. Since it adds certain interesting features, it would have any smart speaker.

Selfie Flip

If you have entered the device's camera and want to make a selfie, You just have to twist your wrist a couple of times. This gesture will bring the front camera into action. It may not be faster than changing the camera by pressing the left side of the shutter. But it is definitely a good independent trick.

Night light

An amazing feature so you can look at the screen comfortably at night. The Night Light function gives the device screen an amber tone from dusk to sunset. Or at any time you customize at your convenience.

To make the settings in this function you simply have to:

  • Access the menu of Configuration.
  • Click on the option there Screen.
  • Select option Night light.

Dark Mode

One of the benefits of Andoid 9 is that it allows you to change some elements of the operating system from white to black. In the case of Pixel 3 this is not as widespread as on the screen of any other Android device. However, it is possible to change some areas such as the notification panel and the app drawer. In addition, this is expected to expand in the future.

What you can do is choose between the options of light, dark or just let the wallpaper dictate the option that should be active. To do this, only access the Device Theme option from the configuration menu of the screen.

Flip to mute an incoming call

If you receive an inappropriate call or at the least indicated time and do not want to waste time touching buttons, this function is ideal. All you have to do is Turn the device upside down against any flat surface and it will be silenced immediately.

To activate this gesture follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the menu of Configuration.
  • Select option System.
  • Then click on Gestures
  • Finally choose the option Active Edge

Split Screen

This is a function that every time is harder to find on devices with Android 9. Maybe because it wasn't being used enough to justify the privileged position it had in the navigation bar. But without a doubt, there are times when it is very useful to have 2 apps running.

With Google Pixel 3 this is possible. All you have to do is Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Then press for a moment the icon of the first app and then you can scroll to select the other app that supports split screen.

Daily wallpaper

If you are bored of having the same wallpaper, but you don't want to take the time to change it yourself, you will love this feature. Google Wallpaper will take care of doing it for you and in a simple way:

  • Click on any blank space on the home screen.
  • Then click on Wallpapers.
  • Choose the category of your preference between your photos or 2 sets of different wallpapers.
  • Click on the option Daily Wallpaper. This will change your wallpaper every 24 hours.