The strongest Pokémon of each type (non legendary)

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it Is possible that you want to know what are the Pokémons strongest of each type in the Pokémon GO. Because having them, you’ll be able to be very strong and get defeated, and be unbeatable in the gyms. As we tell you how to train in gyms, and not only is clicking on the screen, but you will have to always choose the Pokemon that best suits you and improve the Pokémon that is truly worthwhile, and not only influence the points of combat.

If you’ve played the Pokémon original, you’ll know what are the strongest Pokémon without that we will say nothing. But we’re going to organize them by categories to tell you which ones are the best and you should climb in Pokémon GO:

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Pokémons strongest of each type

There are many types of Pokémon in the Pokémon GO as we will see below. And we’re going to show you, which are the main Pokemon for each type, organized from a To Z for you find them easily. We hope that you like it and is what you expect!


Magneton is the strongest. it Is fairly easy to capture.


For me the best.

The best Pokémon of water is Lapras. Then Gyarados is also the strongest.

Are strong against almost any kind, less power and plant, which are weaker. You can always stop the water-type Pokémon with electric and plant, you’ll be fine. Keep this in mind as you fight and let the Pokémon in the gyms.


The Pokemon type bug are not anything of another world, but they are strong against the Pokemon type ground or psychic.

A good Pokémon critter is Pinsir.


The best is clearly Dragonite. The complete evolution. They are weak against the Pokémon of the ice type and fairy.


This type of Pokémon it works very badly against the land, but they are fuertes against water and flying.

A good example is Jolteon, one of the evolutions of Eevee. Electabuzz is also quite popular, but I prefer the first.


Here is clearly the best Gengar. It is the maximum evolution. It is fairly strong against psychics.


Pokémon of the fire type Arcanine or Charizard are quite popular. They are strong against Pokémon of the ice plant… but weak against water and earth.


did you even Know this kind of Pokémon? Mr Mine is an example.

Is good, but is weak against poison or steel.


Article is of this type. But we’re not going to take it into account. Lapras is the best.

But as you know they are weak against the Pokémon of fire and rock-type/fighting.


Machamp is the strongest. It is quite strong, against many types of Pokemon. But weak against psychic or flying.


Snorlax is an example of a Pokémon of type normal.


Pokémon of plant are usually weak, but they are strong against water or earth/rock.

An example is Exeggutor, it is not easy to get at many points of the map.


These Pokémon we always love, although they are weak against the type bug.

The best it may possibly be Slowbro and it is easy to get. Hypno is also great.


In the Pokémon of the type of clothing we find some as Rhydon. Already just with how big it is, it should be very strong. You can use it against fire types, or ice.


On land, we are to Nidoking, is the strongest. Is strong against many types of Pokemon, but very weak against water and plant.


– type Pokémon poison will always cause us harm. They are strong against plant-type. Weak against the earth.

The best is Venusaur. And it is not easy to get in Pokemon GO.


In this type are some of the best.

Repeat Dragonite, Gyarador and Charizard, which already came out in other types. Remember, they are very weak against electric and ice.

Remember that the battle points are not everything

This tool will help you to know if a Pokémon is good. Influence many things (don’t trust the PC).

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In the previous page, you’ll be able to check if a Pokémon is going to be perfect, the best. do Not listen to the points of combat, keep in mind that you can climb with hard candy and powder stellar. Here we tell you in addition how to get powder stellar Pokémon GO.

Nintendo gana poco dinero con Pokemon GoInfluence a lot of things to know if a Pokémon is good. Actually, it is very difficult to know at a glance, and it is possible that we have to use this tool. Influenced by many more things as may be the weight of the Pokémon, attacks, the circle, etc., it Is important that you look at everything before you evolve a Pokémon or another, because you could be wrong.

Do it especially with the best of each type, then the other, if you just want to have them in the Pokédex, it doesn’t matter too much. In the previous list, we’ll show you the best type. We hope that you have been what you expect. We will continue telling you more as we progress in the game.

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