The Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 4 is out Lollipop

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 will not be updated to Android Lollipop . At least, so Samsung UK announced via Twitter, in response to a question from a user. Notably, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 is a terminal for the input range which is put on sale last August, that is, less than 12 months ago . There are two versions of the same, a non-LTE and 512 MB of RAM, and one with LTE and 1GB of RAM. As the user question is in relation to this latest model, it is clear that the 3G variant also run out Lollipop.

As usual on these occasions, Samsung has given no explanation of why this decision although as usual in most companies, as normal (unfortunately for the user ) it is that these low-end devices will be forgotten updates on the first exchange. Although there is no “more official” confirmation, it seems that will be the case of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4.

Samsung UK Lollipop Galaxy Ace 4

Although, as we say, have not given any explanation, the easiest thing would be to think that it is by limitations [1.99902 million] hardware , although personally I think they are simply not willing to “waste time “and look a little to the owners of such terminals . The Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 has a dual-core processor running at 1.2 GHz and as indicated earlier, models 512 and 1 GB of RAM. Okay, we agree that they are not the best specifications in the world, but terminals as the Motorola Moto E, also with two cores and 1 GB of RAM, will be upgraded to Android Lollipop , and surely move with enough looseness.

And other low-end Samsung?

Despite the terse response, you can take some other issue, which is that Samsung does not seem to work to update any of its most recent low range . We speak, besides the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 of phones like the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style, launched in April 2014, the Samsung Galaxy Young 2, offered for sale last October, or the Samsung Galaxy Core 2, which It started up in July, so it is about to celebrate its first anniversary yet. The most likely remain in Android 4.4 KitKat , and no longer speak of the low-end of 2013, such as Samsung Galaxy Core Plus, or the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus.

This is a practice that should not catch us by surprise and as we say, not only occurs in the South Korean firm, but in all or almost all. Obviously, they prefer to focus on their devices more value although sometimes the same low range is not updated, which keeps a company afloat . We like to say that this could change in the future, but today is as unlikely as the high-end of the leading companies exit the car of 600 euros or more that has default settings.

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