The Pocophone has two problems: screens burned and notifications

Although the Pocophone is one of the best mobile that has trodden the market in a long time, has some glitches. And is that you have left with two problems at the Pocophone F1 notifications, and the light leakage on the screen. Do we have to worry about it?

The two problems of the Pocophone F1: screen and notifications

Just peek into the forums of Xiaomi to see that users are not at all happy with the Pocophone F1. It is not for less, and is that despite its performance and camera is exceptional, you have problems both software and hardware. In particular, these affect the display and notifications.

let’s Start with the most serious and important of them: the screen. And it is this component that makes us have some slight doubts about its build quality. If you look at the image below, you can appreciate how it filters part of brightness from behind the LCD panel. This is called a “light leakage”, and it seems to be affecting a large number of units.

But not only you are facing this problem. users have also complained of some aspect of your system of notifications. In particular, how to display these. And everything is the fault of the notch. This covers a large part of the notification bar, leaving little space to be able to display their icons.

But not only is it the fault of the notch. The guys at Xiaomi have decided to place the clock in the top left corner, which removes even more space for notifications. Therefore, you can not know even what applications are the notifications without having to scroll down the notification bar.

And it also stays there. The only thing that shows is an indicator of how many notifications we have, although only have one. Without a doubt, more a decision that can be criticized by that we mean that users are on a war footing.

how We can fix the problems of the Pocophone F1?

In principle, it does not appear that these problems will be solved rather soon. And is that in the best of cases will have to wait for the next update to see if the notification bar happens to be more clear.

In regards to the light leakage of the display, the solution to this problem goes by the Technical Service. And is that it is a hardware failure, so if you are one of those affected we will get in touch with mark to see what solution we offer.