The Pocophone F2 Xiaomi is already in the oven and this confirms it

If there is a mobile that has been talked about a lot in this 2018 that has been the Pocophone. No one expected this from Xiaomi and the play has gone out round the look by where you look. It was presented a few months and best of all is that we already have the first information of his successor: the Pocophone F2.

¿will use this to fix all the failures that had the F1 or follow a more mainstream continuity? Only time will tell, but let’s what interests us.

The Pocophone F2 is already being developed according to this poster

In a few words, this news is summarized in Flipkart has released a poster that show the intentions of the brand. If you look at it, you may have noticed that this is the redemption, that is to say, if you give your F1 you will have a good discount on the purchase of the next model. Also see the prices and what you will get at it previous model.

The grace of all this is not to know that we’re going to have a renewal. At the end of the day you could see it coming from miles away, the best thing is that we have an approximate date. In the poster can be read that this discount will only be performed in the next 6 or 8 months, that is to say, Shortly will launch a new mobile phone sooner than you thought.

we don’t know any dates as such, only the period. You can also come to think that it would throw another mobile over a lower range and estrenaran a new range. Who knows, the truth is that Xiaomi already do not expect everything. If you have taken out a drinking fountain for dogs automatic… why not another different range?

We will have to wait a few more months to go beginning to see the first leaks. This is just a appetizer so stay tuned to our website for all the details on this possible Pocophone F2 and many more mobile.

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Before you go don’t forget to leave us your opinion in the comments section. How do you think that will focus the brand the market? Will it be more expensive or remain the same?

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