The Night Mode is now available for the web version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently the instant messaging application the world’s most popular. Well, the most common use of this app is in mobile phones. However, there are some users who also use the version WhatsApp Website, which is nothing but an alternative for those who want to access all of your chats on the big screen. What is certain is that it is much more comfortable to send messages by computer through the touch keyboard of the mobile device.

well, the version WhatsApp Website has introduced a novelty that has been very well received by those users that want to customize the experience of use. This is a new Night Mode, which makes the chat interface appears in a combination of dark tones, including black and grey.

The Night Mode in WhatsApp Web

Without a doubt, an excellent novelty for reducing the fatigue in the view of the users, especially when they write their messages of WhatsApp in areas of low light or even at night. The Night Mode WhatsApp Web is something very similar to what we already know in other Android applications such as Twitter.

of Course this also has a small disadvantage: the background is dark, so that users do not have option to change it. In all the chats appears to them a background color-dark gray. In addition, the text boxes are also of this color and the text is seen in a grey something more clear. Therefore, it is a interface a bit boring.

All users who want to enjoy this new feature WhatsApp Web simply have to be done with it in the store of Chrome. And, of course, sync your mobile application WhatsApp with the web version.

what Is encouraged now WhatsApp to introduce this novelty in its version for mobile devices? Without a doubt, it would be a great idea. who has not spent any time that you wake up, look at the WhatsApp messages that has been received during the night and be forced to close the eyes for the brightness?

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