The Emoji could receive flags regional very soon


emojis have been around for years helping us to express ourselves in our conversations with our friends, family, or couple through the instant messaging applications from our smartphones. So if you want to express a state of mind, as if you want to give to understand that you’re going to mount on a plane, the Emoji have been part of our lives and are still current.

The Unicode Consortium, which is the regulator behind the Emoji that come to see the light of day, has just announced a new upgrade proposed for the next version of Unicode and the next Emoji 5.0. If the update proposal passes to the official version of Unicode, quite possibly we can begin to see flags regional in the list of Emojis for the different platforms.

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flags regional arrive to the Emoji

These flags regional, including countries that are part of the United Kingdom, as Scotland and England, as well as some states of the united States. In this way, , we may be seeing a flag Emoji of the community of Madrid, Andalucia or other Spanish region very soon.


however, the different manufacturers will not be forced to support these new Emoji if they are finally adopted. This means that not all platforms that are running that version of Unicode necessarily support the flags regional Emoji, so that there may be certain differences between the level of support offered by Apple and Google, for example.

update proposal has been presented for public review until January 16, 2017, as noted from Phone Arena. Still do not know when it will launch the new version of Unicode, but it is believed that it will be early next year, so we look forward to inform you about it.

Be that as it may, this is a further evidence of the importance, increasingly, they are taking the Emojis within the instant messaging applications and as have changed the way we communicate with others. We hope that you will keep some sanity and there are certain limits that the Emojis do not arrive ever, but for the moment everything is in order.