The best website creators for your online portfolio

With so many people choosing to work on their own or try parallel jobs, an online portfolio is more important than ever. Whether you are a designer, artist, photographer, writer or any other person who wants to exhibit his work, make an online portfolio and spread the word.

But not everyone has the skills or resources to create a complete website. And that's where these handy free portfolio websites come in. Here are four of the best online portfolio creators that will help you display your work.

1.- Wix

Wix is ​​a free website creator that includes the ability to edit every little detail of your site. As such, Wix is ​​perfect for customizing designs according to your exact preferences, with many templates if you want to make your own online portfolio.


One of the best features of Wix is ​​the fact that the service has a comprehensive free plan. This means that you have at your disposal most of the functions. And you won't feel pressured to upgrade to a payment plan.

When it comes to making a free online portfolio, the Wix ADI tool can create a website draft for you, if you have little time. Simply answer some questions, after which Wix will suggest a variety of generated templates to choose from.

Of course, you can also search for topics manually to decide which template suits you best. Other features include the ability to add applications and add-ons to your site for free.

Another important benefit of Wix is ​​its intuitive editor. The service allows you to edit specific elements of your site or portfolio, with the drag and drop functionality and resizing tools.

These features are excellent for resizing page elements effortlessly. This gives you the flexibility that other web publishers sometimes lack.

When it comes to mobile optimization, Wix offers a dedicated mobile editor to help you perfectly adapt your mobile site. This means that you can edit any item that does not respond well to resizing, while adding easy-to-use features for mobile devices, such as navigation buttons.

Wix SEO features also stand out. Wix guides you through a list of tasks to create a custom SEO plan for your site. This helps you make sure that search engines correctly index your site.


Wix has many benefits, but also some inconveniences. A major drawback is that once you have selected a template and created a Wix site with it, you cannot select a different template. If you want to put the same information on a different topic, you must delete your site and start over. Of course, you can edit your current site.

While precise editing tools are an advantage, editing items one by one can also take a long time. This is not necessarily a good platform for people who want to complete a portfolio in just a few minutes.

Finally, the URLs generated as part of the free plan may be too complex. Your URL includes your username, Wix domain and the name of your website.

2.- Moonfruit

Moonfruit is a website creator that you can use to create your personal portfolio. The themes on the Moonfruit homepage are free to use and build, but you can also opt for a paid plan. Moonfruit is especially useful if you want a visual page, perfect for photographers, designers and other visual creatives.


With Moonfruit, you can choose to use customizable templates or start a website completely from scratch. So, if you are a perfectionist, you can build your site section by section, without the need for technical knowledge.

When it comes to editing your site, you can also choose specific items to add or replace. You can edit each item individually, from text colors, spacing, backgrounds and more.


Moonfruit does not immediately make clear how to opt for the free site plan. In fact, without creating a profile, you may never know that there is a free plan. If you create a profile and a site, you will see that once your free trial begins, you can choose to stay in the free Moonfruit plan.

However, with the paid and free versions of the service, there are a limited number of templates to choose from. This lack of variety means that it can be difficult to find one that suits your needs.

When it comes to customization, it can be a bit confusing to discover the site's editing tools at the beginning, especially for beginners.

Finally, to get a secure site with the HTTPS protocol, you must upgrade to a custom domain. This means that users in the free plan will have their site marked as unsafe by browsers such as Chrome.

3.- WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging. But it is not only for companies and blogs. The website allows you to create free online portfolios too.


If you want your portfolio to include content such as blog posts and news updates, WordPress content management tools are perfect for this. WordPress has an excellent central panel through which you can control your site.

But a great benefit is the ability to change your theme at will, without losing the content you have uploaded. All your content and data remain there, you just need to reorganize them a bit to adapt to the characteristics of the new theme.

You can also add widgets that link to your Twitter feed, social media pages and other sites.

The creation of your portfolio on a free WordPress site also provides analysis on visits to it. This can help you understand what your readers are interested in and what type of traffic your portfolio is receiving.


The main drawback of using WordPress is how many functions are locked behind the different paid plans. WordPress pushes users to update frequently, so even if you have a paid plan, WordPress will continue to ask you to update to the next level.

The service also blocks certain useful tools behind different subscriptions, such as SEO optimization, Google Analytics and add-ons.

Also, even if you choose a paid plan and have access to premium themes, the theme creator still determines how many elements of it you can change (unless you add CSS elements yourself). You cannot simply select an item that you want to change or replace. You have to work within the restrictions of the editions allowed by the creator of the theme.

The site can be a challenge for those who have not used a CMS before. Finding the right topic can also be an unpredictable issue, since the site caters to many different website formats.

4.- IMCreator

IMCreator is a visual portfolio creation website that offers a variety of formats. Including business startup pages, artist portfolios and product displays. The site includes free plans and payments. However, you must request a free license.

If developers don't grant you a license, you can still share your website for free. However, with a URL generated by IMCreator. You do not have to wait for a license before creating a website, so you can start creating one just after registering.


The IMCreator website editor is incredibly intuitive, allowing you to edit, resize and replace items easily. Even when it comes to more complex attributes, such as scrolling animations, IMCreator presents these options in an elegant and easy to understand format.

There are also several useful elements that you can add to your page, including slideshows, pop-ups and embedded videos.

IMCreator is so easy to use that even someone who doesn't know much about building a website can quickly build a portfolio. Each theme comes with sample content what you can replace, edit, reorganize or delete.


The free version of IMCreator has an unattractive URL format. Many other site creators give it a subdomain name, but IMCreator adds some additional fields that detract from the professionalism of your site.

Meanwhile, although adding sections is easy; Adding items within existing sections can sometimes be confusing. Instead of providing a pop-up button such as when adding a section, you must open the section configuration menu to add individual items.

However, once you have had time to solve individual peculiarities, it is a relatively fluid experience.

Show your work with a new portfolio

If none of these offers what you need, you better host your own portfolio online. It's a bit more work, but the additional level of flexibility and customization could make a difference.

We highly recommend WP Engine, which handles all the hassles of running a WordPress portfolio site. With daily backups, ultrafast speeds and dozens of professional themes, it's worth the price.

Once you have an impressive online portfolio, the next step is to find jobs and opportunities.