The best tricks for Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the best mobile games that exists, but… what would be a good game without cheats? does Not exist cheats for Clash Royale that we are going to bring gems unlimited nor are there tricks to winning the battles with a strategy very bad but yes it is true that, by following these tips, you’ll get a lot farther in the game and will cost much less to be the best.

Clash Royale is the game from Supercell that combines tower defense with a deck of cards that will allow us to launch a tablet a lot of characters related to the universe of Clash of Clans. To win in the Clash Royale you’re going to have that defeat the tower of the king of the contrary, or to knock down more towers than him.

Ataque en Clash Royale

The best cheats for Clash Royale

I don’t want to be quite extensive but I would like to generate on the list best cheats for Clash Royale based on our experience, there are many ways to be the best in Clash Royale but since you ventured that you are not going to be easy, there are true strategists in the game.

The tower of the king is the key

The first thing that you must do to succeed in the Clash Royale is learn how to play and how to play. Keep in mind that you’re never going to have more than 10 Elixir and that the health of the defense towers improves with level up.

Everything else you’ll need to do so with a clear strategy. To improve the strategy, keep reading but keep in mind that when you destroy the central tower you lose. well Protects the tower against the adversary. Or are you going strong to try to defeat the opponent with an attack of the most powerful or well you have to always leave something of elixir so that you can release once torn down any of the side towers, the choice is yours.

Get better cards

The key to be better, whilst perfecting your skills in your strategy, it is get better cards. The better cards come out once in a while, but there are three types of cards, common, rare and epic. Normally the cards epic are the ones that bring the best cards.

To get more cards epic you need chests magic and for that or you’ll need to spend gems buying chests magical or well you can fight and leave you a chest of magic from time to time. In the letters epic you’ll find the witch, the big skeleton, the knight, etc Troops that give a lot of play and give you a huge advantage. Also you can buy them but will cost you an amount of coins that you will hardly be able to pay.

Mejores cartas en Clash Royale

Spend the gems wisely

don’t spend the gems on speeding up chests or money buy. The money at first will cost you to get it but if you play often and donate cards to your clan co-members, you will improve a lot.

Use the gems only for buy a chest magic that will provide you with cards epic and you will improve faster. do you Know how to earn many gems in Clash Royale?

do Not speed up the chests

Every time you step on a chest you are missing out on gems valuable, gems that every time will cost you more to win and that you can buy with money. Do not speed up the chests. You try to open the chests of silver during the day (to open number), and then open the chests that take the longest nights and periods where you’re not going to pay as much attention to the game.

Batalla en Clash Royale

Get all the chests that you can

there are Only 4 holes for chests, besides the chests and free the chests of crowns. We have already taught him how to get open a maximum number of chests possible. To get open the maximum is there to do as we have spoken, open the shorts for the day and that takes more time for the night, is the key to get open the maximum chests are possible.

Creates a deck varied

The deck is the key to being the best. Nothing serves you have a deck with all the troops strong. Create a average expenditure of elixir of not more than 4.5 is indispensable because, otherwise, you will just have troops to react quickly to any attack.

As you can see in the next deck we have some troops fast as the elves and the arqueras and then troops stronger as the balloon or the giant to go directly to the towers and other troops too strong to defend against any type of attack. Depending on your style of game you can create the deck of one form or another but it is important to choose wisely because there are many letters and the combination is very important.

Baraja en Clash Royale

Stay on the sand more high that you can

At the time of opening the chests stay in the sand most high will give you better cards. The higher the field of battle in which you play better cards you’ll have and better cards will come out, if low sand you can face with a lot of superiority on the contrary.

To keep you in the arena you will have to try not to lose too many battles the good thing is that, when low, sandy, easily re-raise if you are a good player. If you see that you are missing out on using a strategy more defensive for the battles.

Improved the cards

to Improve the cards is vital that your troops have much more effect than the others. To improve the cards the most important thing is to get cards, the common ones can easily be obtained, upon request, in a clan, and the rare can also be achieved as well but will come out normally in chests, and will be more complicated to improve this type of troops. What’s more normal is to have the troops epic at level 1 but once you improve the thing changes quite a bit, as you play you’ll have more opportunities to be the best.

Subir trofeos en Clash Royale

Join a clan to donate and request letters

to Be part of a clan is the key to to improve the letters faster and earn a lot of gold. Each time that you donate cards to win a lot of money and every time you order cards the most normal thing is that give you some and help you to improve the troop that you need.

Asks for and gives all the cards that you can, will go up level so fast, you earn money and also you will have a lot of letters more quickly. Used to get letters, especially for the improvement of 50 or 100 cards since getting them by yourself will be very complicated.


Yes, it is vital. Don’t get obsessed with being the best or be the strongest. Try to enjoy the game or the opposite of what you are going to go very wrong. Obviously to be the best you’ll have to to be an active player and participate in much or on the contrary will cost you fast-forward but with a little effort you can be the best, and, at the same time, enjoy the game. Try not to become obsessional and get you to buy gems or else you can complicate more than normal. The games are for that, so enjoy. What is the trick you best has worked? you can Also contribute your own tricks in the comments.