The best Adobe Illustrator alternatives for Linux

At first, Adobe Illustrator is considered the best when it comes to illustration and design on Windows and Mac. But the application is not available on Linux. Therefore, if you have recently switched to an open source Linux operating system, you will need to find a suitable alternative for you to edit. Therefore, here are the best Adobe Illustrator alternatives for Linux.

1.- Inkscape

Inkscape is an open source vector drawing application, similar to Adobe Illustrator, in terms of features and options. With this program, users can quickly draw freehand shapes and design complex illustrations.

Likewise, designers may not be completely satisfied with Inkscape, since it does not have the scale of development that Adobe can offer. However, if you are using Linux and you have no way of using Illustrator, this is a very good option for you.

Some notable features of Inkscape

Supports various styles of image manipulation, which is useful if you are a designer. These styles include movement, scale, rotation and bias. Also, these manipulations can be done with exact numerical values ​​or with a sliding slider.

Also, Inkscape can clone a “live” drawing and link them, allowing designers to create identical images.

Similarly, it supports multi-line text, including sending text along a route. It also meets the SVG file format standards. But also, you can export to other file formats, including PNG, OpenDocument Drawing, DXF, SKL, PDF, EPS and PostScript.

Inkscape also has an excellent user interface that, while not the same as Illustrator, it is easy to learn how to use it.

How to install Inkscape?

This software is an open source project, so it is available in all prominent Linux distributions. Even Snap and Flatpak. Now, if you want it to work on your system, open a terminal window, search for "Inkscape" and install it.

2.- Karbon

Karbon is an illustration application that comes as part of the Calligra office suite. Like Adobe Illustrator, it offers an excellent vector design application, it is complemented by support for adding shapes and scaling. As well as a complex layer system and other drawing features that users expect.

As Karbon is part of Calligra, the design of the application is more than focused on the KDE desktop environment. That said, it is an excellent direct replacement if you are looking for a solid alternative to the Adobe Illustrator application on Linux.

Notable features of Karbon

First, it can handle several different types of file formats (ODG, SVG, WPG, WMF, EPS / PS).

The Karbon user interface is fully customizable, and users can modify the application to best suit their needs and sense of style.

In turn, it supports the complex support of drawing plot operations, along with flattening, rounding and various effects.

Karbon users have access to a wide variety of add-ons to add the features they need.

How to install Karbon?

This is one of the many applications included in Calligra Suite. Therefore, you must install the entire package. Fortunately, Calligra is compatible with all major Linux distributions. So to install it, you just have to search for “Calligra Suite” through the package manager of your terminal.

3.- Vector Paint

Vector Paint is a freemium drawing program for the web and aims to have a simple but powerful interface. It works in any browser and is a perfect replacement for Adobe Illustrator if you don't have to do a heavy job.

Don't let the fact that Vector Paint is in a web browser fool you. This program has great power, such as text style, exporting images through the SVG format, as well as the functions of layers or grids along with applications such as Inkscape.

Some features of Vector Paint

Vector Paint does not need to be installed on any Linux distribution and does not use Flash. So it will work in any open source browser that users can have in their hands.

Also, users can freely import and export SVG files in the editor, like any other vector editing tool, despite being a browser application.

In turn, Vector Paint has a large selection of font options and text styles available.

How to install Vector Paint?

This is a program that you do not need to install. Instead, you can place it as a bookmark in your favorite web browser and start designing.

Also, since Vector Paint is web-based, it can easily be added to Nativefier and converted into a "web application" for the Linux desktop.

4.- Adobe Creative Cloud (PlayOnLinux)

While many open source applications on Linux can fill the void that Adobe Illustrator can't, they won't offer you 100% of what Adobe can offer you. So, if you are new to Linux and need Illustrator, another option is to run Adobe Creative Cloud through PlayOnLinux.

The Creative Cloud cloud, through PlayOnLinux is not perfect. But it will allow you to get roughly the same Illustrator experience in Linux that you are used to in Windows.

Notable features

Despite running PlayOnLinux and Wine, users gain access to the full set of Adobe Illustrator features.

Creative Cloud is an online application, so the user's work can be synchronized quite well between computers.

Likewise, PlayOnLinux's ability to download multiple versions of Wine ensures that Creative Cloud works in a good number of distributions.

How to install Creative Cloud?

Installing Adobe Illustrator through Creative Cloud on Linux is not an easy process to do. Users cannot simply go to the Adobe website, download an installer and launch it. You need a whole guide so you can install this program properly.

Finally, in the future Adobe may take Linux seriously as a platform and take its software to fans of the open source platform. Until then, designers who use Linux will have to rely on alternatives such as those mentioned in this article.