The best 3 tricks to charge the battery from your scooter electric without damage

The scooters electric every time you get more popularity in the market. Companies like Xiaomi make their efforts to stand out in that sector. In case you have one, teach you 3 tricks to charge the battery from your scooter electric without damage.

it Is necessary to emphasize that the battery of the scooters electrical can be of gel type or of lithium. The gel type last for 2 years, and the lithium 4. The most used is the lithium, so probably the battery of your scooter to be of this material.

3 tricks to take care of the battery for your powered scooter

Careful with the load times

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When the battery is of lithium, one of the key tips to keep it is don’t charge and discharge for short periods. By doing this, you’ll be avoiding that deteriorate over time. It is a simple trick that will keep your scooter in good condition.

If the battery is gel type, there is no problem to charge it several times throughout a day, rather, you’ll be avoiding the download.

Prevents total discharge

as with smart phones, it is advisable to to avoid that the battery of the scooter electric is download full. It is sometimes very difficult, but you do what is in your reach to download the battery.

on the other hand, we invite you to view these tips to extend the battery life of your mobile phone.

How and when to load them?

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If the battery of your scooter is of gel type, is stored by loading it full and placing it in an upright position. In addition, it is recommended that you upload even once a month to keep it.

In the case that your scooter uses a lithium battery, also load in horizontal position. However, you can spend up to two months before recharging it.

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