The 4 types of dual cameras that are there for mobile

dual cameras do not seem to be a bit of a fad. Despite the fact that one of the best cameras in the mobile market is not dual (we talk about the Galaxy S7), these cameras are proving to offer a good performance.

despite the fact that there have been significant improvements to today on these cameras, the factor marketing is important and perhaps the developments in this field are not so many, as many people expected. are There different types of dual cameras? What usually mount the mobile? we Want you to get out of doubts and that’s why we’ve made an article explaining it.


Different types of dual cameras

The dual cameras bring news but they have a factor of marketing very important, sometimes these news are not relevant. Manufacturers are launching dual cameras because their rivals do and not to do it it seems that it is remain stagnant.

Even so, there are different types of dual cameras, and some are more useful or unique than others, we are going to review the different types of dual cameras that exist:

  • 3D Cameras – These cameras are the older, able to take 3D images such as the Honor 6 Plus. It was something innovative and interesting but not too useful.
  • Cameras with different depth-of-field – Two cameras, the second camera captures a second shot that allows you to modify the depth of field of our capture, that is to say, change the point of focus. Not a bad option but nor is it so interesting, cameras such as the ZTE Axon use this function.

Camara trasera LG G5

  • Two different sensors – The camera generates a single image with the help of two sensors, composed by the color image that captures one and the black and white image that captures the other. These images have better light and more detail in the colors, you combine the shots and you get a very good result. The Huawei P9 and the Honor 8 works as well, are at the height of what was expected.
  • Two cameras with different angle – The wide angle allows us to take a photo more open or more closed. Modify the angle is not easy and the LG G5 allows us to take photos with focal lengths of different. It is a camera that you can perform two types of different photos (portrait or landscape). The iPhone 7 does the same but unlike the LG G5 generates a single photo that allows you to use the zoom or change the angle of the photo, it uses both cameras to generate an editable document.

zte axonOf time these are the different dual cameras that are mounted in the mobile. Now, Samsung has a lot to say with the future Galaxy S8, and Qualcomm is also working actively on a camera module that uses a solution similar to that of the Huawei P9, the one that aims to to improve the image based on brightness and depth of colour, what you’re really looking for a photographer.

it Is true that having cameras with different angle and a optical zoom can be interesting but the important improvement is in the third type, however, is not the only way to improve a photo with two sensors and can that Samsung, the kings of the moving picture, to achieve surprise with the Galaxy S8 and recover all lost with the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 explosive.