Tasker: How to put the mobile on silent when you get to work automatically

Who has not spent any time getting to work or university and forgetting to put the mobile in silence? To avoid such embarrassing situations in which we are the cell phone rings in the middle of a meeting we have Tasker. We already saw how to play music automatically when you connect the auricares in another article, and today we will learn to create a task that activate the silent mode to get to work.

For Tasker to know that we have come to work, can be done mainly by two methods: the location and the connect to the Wi-Fi of the work. If you are one of those that has the location permanently enabled, use this method:

Mute automatically using localization

To run this task we must have the active localization during the programming process and in the journey of getting to work, but the cell will have no way possible of knowing that these to work.

  1. Open Tasker, click on the icon of sum and select “Location”.
  2. then we will open a world map on which we show our location in Google Maps. If you dont find us we make sure that we have the location turned on, or you can press the GPS icon at the top right.
  3. once we have located, we can set up a radio, in that as long as we are within that radius will activate the silence. Choose the one that best suits the dimensions of your work. Once located, we pull back and put a name to that location: work in my case.
  4. Then we will be asked for a name for the task, in which we can bring something or not. Once inside the menu of the action, we click on the icon of the sum and select the category “Audio” and “System Volume”. Within system volume we will establish that will be 0 because we do not want to sound anything. You can also choose the category of the vibrate mode, volume, notification, etc
  5. Ready! We can do the checking when we get to work with the volume “butt” and you will see as you change to mode to “Vibrate” or “Silence”.

If you prefer to do it through the Wi-Fi at work…:

Mute automatically when connected to Wi-Fi

Usually what we do when we arrive at work is turn on the Wi-Fi and connect to your Wi-Fi to start working. In consequence, if we do not have the Wi-Fi enabled or not, we connect to your Wi-Fi network, it will not work the task

  1. Open the app Tasker and press the “+” icon below the centre. Select “State” (the state in question corresponds to “being connected to Wi-Fi”)
  2. Select the category “Net” and then “Wifi Connected”. Once inside, we will have fill in the fields SSID and MAC. In SSID we will give you the button above to the right of the magnifying glass and select the Wi-Fi in question. In the box MAC we will do the same, we will give you the button of “magnifier” and select the desired Wi-Fi. Automatically auto-complete these boxes with the information of the Wi-Fi network. The field IP is optional.
  3. We go back and if we want to put a name to the task, for example, “Silence in the workplace”. Once inside, press the “+” button and select the mode “Audio”, then “System Volume”. Within system volume we selected the volume will be 0, because we don’t want that to sound anything. We can also select the mode “Vibrate” or the volume of notification, the volume of the average etc
  4. ¡we have Already finished! From now on when our mobile phone to connect to the Wi-Fi of the work that we have chosen to automatically our volume will go to 0 or to vibrate, it depends on what you have selected.

I ended the call at full volume in class! This tutorial works with any Wi-Fi, so that you can establish the Wi-Fi of your home and change, and put that you want the volume to be the maximum when you arrive.

Google Play | Tasker (2,99€)

Any questions or comments please do not hesitate to put it down and we’ll help in whatever way we can!

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