Summer comes to an end, make a list of …

Have you ever reached the last day of summer, only to realize that you have wasted most of your time? It is very easy to let the season go by without doing the things you wanted, but a list of things to do in the summer can help.

You are probably already familiar with the concept of "list of things to do." It's a list of things you plan to do, and the studs as you complete them. Some people make bucket lists for a trip, or for all the things they want to do during their life. But a list of summer buckets addresses the problem of feeling that the season is over before you have the opportunity to make the most of it.

Here's how to make a list of summer buckets that will maximize your time and give you memories that will last for many years.

Choose your format

First, choose the best format for your list. Oh, it's true! This is not a metaphorical list; It is a real list that you will fill with summer fun and goals.

If you like to write on paper, buy a notebook or agenda to keep your list. If you prefer to keep things in digital format, start a note on your phone or in a Google document. As you get things on your list, you will get the increase in dopamine that comes from the achievements, and having your list annotated will allow you to see those achievements in one place.

Keep it realistic

Now, you can start writing ideas for your list. However, try to be realistic about how easy or difficult these things are. Remember, you only have one season to do them! You may want to spend a month in Europe, but if you haven't even started planning it, it may not be a realistic goal for your list of things to do in the summer.

Instead of adding unrealistic elements to your list, consider what could be a simpler version of it. For example, instead of a month in Europe, maybe you could spend a week at a closer holiday destination. Or, put on your list of things that bring you closer to that more challenging goal. Maybe "saving for a trip to Europe" should be on your list of things to do this summer so you can go next year.

Not all items on your shopping list have to be purely "fun," especially if you are getting close to a future goal.

Add plans for each position

Interested in Yoga? It is easy to start at home

Once you have some things on your list, create a detailed plan on how to achieve each one.

If one of the elements is "do yoga once a week," for example, you may have to search for yoga studies in your area and find a class schedule that works for you, or draw a plan for a consistent schedule. at home. Write down the steps you need to perform before an item can be crossed out from your list. When you have a plan for each item on your list, it will help you get it.

Change your list at any time

Your list is not a static document. Feel free to change it whenever you want, any way you want. For example, if you start making a plan for an article but realize that you are not so committed to taking each step, remove it from your list and replace it with something else.

It's a good idea to reorganize your list periodically too. Try to make a list of things from "the most important" to "the least important." In this way, you can put your energy to do the things you value most first.

Remove pressure

Making a list of things to do in the summer does not mean that you have to press yourself to do everything. A good list of things to do grows over time. Therefore, do not stress yourself to achieve everything on your list this summer. Instead, focus on doing some high priority things.

Remember, not everything on your list should be great. While the desire to visit a new country is an admirable element of the list, visiting a new neighborhood can be just as good.

Stay Responsible

Although you shouldn't push yourself too hard, a little responsibility will keep you going with your list of things you have to do. Share it online or with a friend. And share periodic updates to show your progress.

This gives you a support system to encourage you while addressing the most difficult things on your list.

A list of summer buckets can keep the summer blues at bay and help you make the most of your time. Soon, you could find yourself making lists of buckets of fall, winter and spring too!