Subscribe and win a Doogee BL500, smartphone design with a large battery

Doogee is having a 2017 very busy and successful. The company has launched the Doogee MIX, one of the best phones in your price range that you can find. And not only that, but they are also responsible for one of the developments that can revolutionize the smartphone market. The company has been the creator of the Process NCL’s that I already talked about.

But Doogee is not resting and already we have before us your new smartphone. This is the Doogee BL500. A smartphone that combines design with a battery that is really large. Since the company say that users looking for a large mobile tend to be faced with moving very heavy, and with little design appeal. With your new Doogee BL500 that barrier is removed.

Characteristics and reserves of the Doogee BL500

Since it is possible to to subscribe on your web page to be able to win a model for free. Just go to this link here. In this way you will be informed before any novelty on your release date. In addition, if you wish you can sign up to be one of the people who have the opportunity to make a review of this Doogee BL500. If you want to be a candidate, see more information and subscribe here. Best of all is that 5 people will have the chance to take one of these devices for free.

The battery is without a doubt one of the strong points of this device. Has a – polymer battery 5.050 mAh, something which is surprising since we’re seeing the trend in the mobile market increasingly fine. We must also highlight the curvature this Doogee BL500. The front and rear of the device are curved, four times more than technology 2.5 D usual. The device will feature a processor with eight cores, although it has not been revealed what yet. Finally, they have confirmed that it will have a double rear camera of 13 megapixels.

Doogee is creating phones getting better and better. By what we have already known of this new Doogee BL500 we can see that it is a device with a lot of potential. We hope to learn soon its full features and more data about its price and availability. Sure that manage to give back a lot to talk about with this phone. What do you think about this new device?