Strip the king only with rockets in the Clash Royale [deck]

A companion of the clan has done something that no one expected… pulling the king only with rockets in the Clash Royale, yes, with the rockets. We have also wanted to try it because the game is super fun.. and the best thing is that it worked well for us. If you also want to try it, we’re going to tell you what’s going on this deck, you can’t miss it, yes, you will need to have the high cards in level for it to work. Also to tell you, that you will need to mirror to clone rocket and could launch the double rockets in the battles.

The game rocket is very funny to do it.. but when you do not have too much grace. But if you want to try it and have fun, this deck is sand legendary, 4,000 trophies, so you have to try it out. If you want to have a lot of fun with this card, the next video you’ll like it:

Strip the king only with rockets in the Clash Royale (deck)

This is the deck question:

  • Barbarians.
  • Horde of minions.
  • Skeletons.
  • Mirror.
  • Rocket.
  • Trunk.
  • Download.
  • Arrows.

If I have not counted wrong, spends 3,4 elixir (is great).

The key of this deck, is that defends very well for air and ground. Has cards heavy elixir, but it is a heavy because it is a real block. Even if you launch something amazing, you’ll be able to stop it because you have enough material to do so. If you have these high cards of the level, you have to try it out yes or yes, because you’re going to hallucinate. it Is possible to pull the king only to rockets.

, and it Was clear that it was going to be needed mirror to be able to clone the rocket and throw the double rocket!

This deck is great, because it is very strong. As we see, you’ll have to using the 6 cards to defend… and a single to attack, which is the rocket (well, or 2 if you count the mirror).

you’ll have to go throwing rockets to the king all the time. Nothing else! And go in defending with the other letters, and manage the elixir as you can, to leave you well. It is normal that the first game the miss. You’ll have to get used to playing with this deck to win.

The key is to defend with the rest of the cards and attack with the rocket

If you like this game and want to have fun, go ahead. Obviously, it will not always work, but it would be a great idea. There comes a time in which the decks are too strong… and there is not another to continue playing and to train a lot to improve the level of the cards in the game.

My deck 4,100 trophies has the rocket

clash-royale-mazo-4000Not long ago I talked of my deck to 4,000 trophies for Clash Royale. This deck is one of the best for this cost of elixir… that is pretty low because we talk about 3,4.

If you like rocket, I recommend you try it. And something that you will like is:

  • Montapuercos + rocket: a good combo is to pull the montapuercos towards the tower, and if defends you with letters around the tower, you can cast in that time the rocket to kill several birds with one stone (you’ve probably removed 500 of damage to the tower, and also killed any letter).
  • Princess from behind does enough damage: the princess from the back of little in little are doing a lot of damage. It is always a good strategy.
    • And the best part is that if your opponent has princesses… you’ll be able to use the trunk. The trunk it is also great to break the army of skeletons, goblins, and other small cards. Helps to delay troops and that also feel good on many occasions.
  • ice Mage: it helps that the troops are going more slowly. It is ideal to delay the troops who come to the tower. Especially when they are troops large and strong, because it helps it to earn a little bit of time to have more elixir (always appreciated).
  • Horde of minions: it is essential to stop any type of cards. Not just balloons or hounds of lava, also other letters type giant. It is very good. What to tell you at this point not know of this horde of minions. Many have changed already by the megaesbirro. In high level there is no waste.

Other cards army of skeletons and a spirit of ice will also feel a great to this deck. You already see that this deck with the rocket goes pretty well. If you want something more secure than this deck crazy, that we have at the beginning, test with this one that you are works best.

have you tested this deck? How are you gone?